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10 Toilet Humor Jokes That Will Make You Flush With Laughter


Social media reveal an interesting trends. The toilets are no longer a place where we satisfy our biological needs but also a fun and entertaining location in which people quite willingly tag  themselves and friends. Perhaps, you too have a girl friend who has posted multiple selfies from the disco...

20 Nihilist Memes Because Life Has No Meaning


There are two kinds of nihilists: optimistic and dreadful. We prefer to look at the meaninglessness of life in a funny way, so here are 20 nihilist memes for your enjoyment. Not that it matters because we will all die anyway. LOL That means you are also dead inside....

10 Great Castle Quotes That Are Tons of Fun To Read


Castle is a series full of tension, mysteries, romance… in which the best seller author Rick Castle of pulpy crime novels is invited to assist the New York police when a serial killer begins committing copycat crimes based on situations in his books. Castle and his partner Beckett often find...

9 Memes About Work Everyone Should Laugh At Before 5pm


Do you feel tired and bored in the office? Are you stimulating work every single time someone enters the room? Are you looking for a good excuse to steal a few minutes away from your workplace to relax and enjoy yourself? Have some fun browsing through 10 funny work memes....

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