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10 Savage Memes That Are Practically Just Photo Kicks In The Groin


Savage memes – the infamous memes that cross all lines in terms of offensiveness. Race, sex, sexual orientation – these memes just don’t care. They’re savage. They’re outrageously funny. You’ll love them – unless you’re the easily offended type. And be thankful they’re just memes, otherwise these would probably have...

Mind Blowing Questions

10 Brain Bending Questions That Will Blow Your Mind


Some questions are just so brain-bending crazy that nobody can find a good answer. You won’t be able to answer these mind blowing questions, your mother won’t do it, and your best friend probably won’t, either. Not saying you shouldn’t try, though! 1. Either there was a Big Bang, or...

10 Indians With The Most Unfortunate & Funny Names

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Some Indian parents always want their kids to be incredibly different from others, so they try to give the kids unique names. But, it turns out that many of them are not too creative. Mind it, choosing a right baby name is always tough! One of the worst things about...

19 Funny Memes About Girls That Will Amuse You


Whether you find them pretty, soft and kind or you consider them to be arrogant and rude… it matters not. Once girls become a part of your life, you know it is inevitable to live without them. Girls make it so much richer with the depths of their souls and...

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