Aurora, CO Eco-Friendly Restaurants: Top Eateries That Promote Sustainability

Jun 10, 2024

More and more people want eco-friendly dining options, and Aurora Deals highlights some of the top restaurants that support sustainable and environmentally responsible practices in Aurora, Colorado.

Supporting Local Businesses

Aurora is home to some of the best restaurants in the US, but a simple Google search often won’t help you find them. Aurora Deals was established to be the all-in-one resource for local eateries, and they now include eco-friendly options.

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Whether you’re a local or a visitor to the Aurora region, you’re likely to find some well-kept secrets that deserve to be better known. Aurora is also at the forefront of the sustainable dining movement, which is why it has a category all of its own.

Several factors apply to the ‘Eat Green’ category, including local and seasonal sourcing, the use of organic produce, and reducing waste. The goal is to help you connect with top eateries, as well as supporting the local business community.

“Aurora is not just vibrant in culture and history, but also a pioneer in sustainable dining,” a company representative explained. “Many local restaurants are taking innovative steps, from sourcing local organic produce, to reducing food waste and even using renewable energy, and we want to connect them with the growing number of people who prefer sustainable practices.”

More Calls For Sustainable Dining

A recent survey by the National Restaurant Association highlights the trend towards sustainable dining, with 38% of respondents saying they prefer restaurants that use locally sourced produce, and 30% saying that growing ingredients in an organic and eco-friendly manner is an important consideration.

Following the recent launch of Aurora Deals, the founders state that they received multiple requests for eco-friendly options, confirming the trends identified in the survey. The website has already listed five eco-friendly restaurants in the region, and invites applications from other businesses.

About Aurora Deals

In addition to eco-friendly restaurants, Aurora Deals now covers a wide variety of categories, including BBQ eateries, Mexican food, cafes, bars, and local stores. The firm points out that the directory was established to support the local business community, and it will consider any requests for inclusion and/or new categories.

“Aurora-Deals is a community resource website designed to provide an easy way for local businesses and customers to connect with one another,” the firm continues. “Our directory was created by and for local Colorado business owners, because we have some of the best restaurants in the country.”

Aurora Deals isn’t just another directory, it’s a community movement, and you can help to support its growth and success.

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