Aurora, CO Best Happy Hour Bars: From Craft Beers To Local Pub Crawls

Jul 6, 2024

Whether you’re interested in trying the best craft beers in Aurora, or you want to kick off an epic pub crawl in style, Aurora Deals details the very best happy hour hotspots the city has to offer.

Aurora’s Happy Hour Hotspots

The expression ‘happy hour’ comes either from the budget-friendly prices, or the fact that it happens when people are finishing work. Whatever the origin, it’s a great way to start a night out in Aurora, and Aurora Deals highlights the best happy hour hotspots in the area.

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Of course, the guide explains some great options if you’re wanting to kick of an Aurora pub crawl in style. However, it also delves into some more unusual options, such as craft beer tasting and mixology classes.

Aurora Deals was created with the dual goals of supporting the local businesses and offering an all-in-one resource to plan your night out. The platform was launched several months ago, and the new guide is part of an ongoing effort to cover the wide variety of options Aurora offers.

“From craft beer tasting tours to gourmet pub crawl experiences and mixology classes at top bars, Aurora’s happy hour hotspots offer something for everyone,” a representative of the directory explains. “These venues not only offer an array of delectable drinks but also act as social gathering points, fostering a sense of community. Aurora’s thriving nightlife scene truly encapsulates the city’s energetic and lively spirit.”

Food & Drinks: Central To Your Visit

According to official statistics, Colorado hosts approximately 90 million visitors each year, contributing approximately $28 billion to the local economy. While accommodation and transportation account for the two highest areas of spending for visitors, food and beverage is a close third on the list, even ahead of recreation activities such as sightseeing, hiking, or visiting national parks.

As Aurora Deals points out, a simple search on Google doesn’t always offer the local insights that you need, which is why the new directory was created. The new happy hour guide is part of a series that aims to address more specific questions.

About Aurora Deals

Already featuring many local restaurants and bars, Aurora Deals repeats its call for new listings, which are available to suit a variety of budgets. The directory also has sister sites covering Denver, Broomfield, and Colorado Springs.

“Aurora Deals is a community resource website designed to provide an easy way for local businesses and customers to connect with one another,” the company continues. “Created by local Colorado business owners, our goal is to support and promote the best our region has to offer, while also making it easier for people to find local bars and restaurants.”

Planning a night out in Aurora? You’ll find all the information you could ever want or need at Aurora Deals.

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