Augason Farms Products On Sale: Get Emergency Pantry Items At Affordable Prices

Jun 19, 2024

Looking for a cost-effective way to stock your pantry without breaking the bank? Augason Farms offers tasty, freeze-dried meals, bulk foods, and variety packs at great prices.

Whether you want to make sure you’re prepared for the next major crisis, or just want to have a well-stocked pantry with quick, ready-to-eat meals for your busy family, Augason Farms has you covered! They offer five different types of foods, as well as emergency and variety kits, and all their products are freeze-dried for maximum nutrition.

Plus, they’re currently offering 18 products at great discounts; get more details here: 

Buy in Variety or Specialize

Augason Farms’ on-sale products include bulk variety items, such as their Breakfast Variety Pail and Ready Now 24-Hour One-Person Food and Water Supply, to single-item offerings, such as tomato powder, dried whole-egg powder, and canned black bean burger mix.

Something for Every Taste & Need

Awareness of emergency preparedness has been on the rise in recent years, especially in light of major global health crises and increasingly challenging economic conditions.

That's why Augason Farms has decided to offer customers a wider range of affordable, nutritious, and delicious shelf-stable foods and ready-to-prepare meals, all freeze-dried at their peak to ensure maximum freshness and nutrition. In their product category selection, you'll find:

  • emergency kits,
  • eggs and dairy,
  • fruits,
  • baking mixes and staples,
  • vegetables,
  • meats and proteins,
  • soups and entrees, and
  • variety kits.

Your Own Freeze-Dried Smorgasbord

The company also provides you with a convenient way to make bulk purchases at highly affordable prices with their Last Chance Pouch Packs. Each pack consists of 13 pouched servings of various freeze-dried items. You can choose from 18 different dishes and drinks, including protein shakes, instant coffee, various soups, black bean burgers, macaroni and cheese, buttermilk pancakes, and mushroom rice pilaf.

A Library of Culinary Creativity

Along with its wide variety of products, Augason Farms also offers abundant culinary creativity to support such a gustatory spread. On many of their product pages, you'll find company-crafted recipes to inspire you in the kitchen. You can incorporate their canned dehydrated potato slices, for example, into breakfast bakes, potato casseroles, and spicy potato dishes.

Want even more inspiration? On the company website’s recipes page, you'll find hundreds of signature recipes covering a dozen meal categories, from breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and desserts to sides and snacks, breads and muffins, and drinks and shakes.

Since 1972

Since 1972, Augason Farms has introduced hundreds of shelf-stable emergency food and water products to the market, beginning with their flagship product, Morning Moo's, a low-fat milk alternative. Their mission is to help families and communities become more self-reliant, prepare for difficult times, and also to have a steady supply of convenient, cost-effective meals for any occasion.

What Customers Are Saying

Customers have come to appreciate the company's emphasis on self-reliance. Here's what one happy buyer had to say:

“When a hurricane hit our area, I never worried about the stores being out of food and water. Thanks to Augason Farms and my water storage, my family and I were prepared. They offer good food and peace of mind.”

Don't Put Off Stocking Up!

In the emergency food supply market, Augason Farms offers superior taste and nutrition at affordable prices. You'll never know when you could need emergency rations, so don't wait to take advantage of their on-sale products!

You can find more details about the company’s latest discounted products at

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