Auditory Neuropathy Treatments: Over-The-Counter Hearing Aid Maker Has Free Info

May 27, 2024

Nano Hearing Aids (866-991-9076) has teamed up with some of America’s best audiologists to bring you free hearing advice. In their latest report, they discuss the causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of auditory neuropathy.

If you think you may have auditory neuropathy, Nano Hearing Aids explains everything you need to know about the condition and how you can get your hearing back.

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Your Guide To Auditory Neuropathy Hearing Loss

Nano Hearing Aids has long gathered trust in the community for their affordably priced OTC hearing aids for perceived hearing loss and now they are pleased to be bringing you more audiologist-approved hearing information and advice with their new report on auditory neuropathy hearing loss.

Titled ‘Auditory Neuropathy Hearing Loss: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment,’ the new report has been written by the Nano team and checked by Lindsay Roberts, AuD.

If you’re looking for free and accurate hearing advice, Nano Hearing Aids is your trusted source.

Understanding The Causes & Symptoms

In their latest report, the Nano team explains this common type of hearing loss caused by a communication impairment between your ear and your brain. With this impairment, sound enters your ear normally but cannot be processed clearly by your brain.

Like all forms of hearing loss, there can be multiple causes, including genetic factors, damage to the inner ear, and secondary neuropathies from conditions like diabetes and kidney disease.

As described in Nano Hearing Aids' new report, common signs of this type of hearing loss include challenges in understanding speech, difficulty speaking on the phone, and struggles in locating sounds. Unlike other forms of hearing loss, as Nano explains, auditory neuropathy can be variable or fluctuating, meaning that you may experience unpredictable changes in the clarity of your hearing.

OTC Hearing Aids May Be An Answer

Nano's new report also covers treatment options like hearing aids, cochlear implants, and assistive listening devices, depending on the severity and nature of your hearing loss.

“Over-the-counter hearing aids have emerged as a widely favored choice for individuals experiencing the symptoms of auditory neuropathy, with perceived mild to moderate hearing loss,” said the Nano team in their new report. “OTC devices are engineered to enhance sound clarity and facilitate better communication for those with this unique type of hearing impairment. Accessible without a prescription, these aids present an economical and readily available option.”

While auditory neuropathy hearing loss is not reversible, it can be preventable and manageable. That’s why Nano Hearing Aids also recommends using ear protection, limiting the use of ototoxic medications that can cause or exacerbate your hearing loss, and managing chronic health conditions like diabetes which can also lead to further hearing loss.

If you’re still unsure about what the best first step to take is, Nano Hearing Aids' support team is available online, over the phone, and via email to answer any questions you may have about auditory neuropathy or their over-the-counter hearing aids.

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