Audiobook Production & Narration: Create Professional Recordings For Audible

Dec 15, 2023

If you want to create another revenue stream for your published writing, consider turning it into an audiobook with the help of author-first publishing company Write My Wrongs.

It's one thing to write and publish a book, but it's another thing entirely to turn it into an audiobook! The process requires a great deal of patience, attention to detail, and creativity, and that's exactly what Write My Wrongs provides!

The author-first publishing company helps you turn your written works into studio-quality audiobooks narrated by professional voice actors. The audiobooks are formatted for all platforms, including the major ones like Audible, Amazon, and iTunes.

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Why Audiobooks?

According to data seen by Write My Wrongs, the U.S. audiobook market is currently valued at $1.5 billion and is expected to continue increasing. “Experts project sustained growth of 20 to 25 percent over the next few years,” explained a company spokesperson. “That’s why we offer our services—to help you capitalize on this rapidly expanding segment of the publishing industry.”

How Does Write My Wrongs Help?

The Write My Wrongs team assists with every step of the audiobook publishing process, starting with auditioning potential narrators. From their pool of thousands of professional voice actors, they help you select the right fit for your work by doing table reads, demos, and other tests.

After you choose your narrator, the recording process starts. Typically, this is done chapter by chapter to make it easier for you to approve the work and make changes if necessary; however, different strategies can be employed depending on the source material. All work is recorded, mixed, and edited using professional equipment, ensuring the highest audio quality possible.

Once the recording is complete, Write My Wrongs gets to work designing the cover art, creating audiobook accounts, and coming up with a marketing plan for your project. Following your final sign-off, the audiobook is uploaded to all the relevant platforms for public consumption.

What Is Their Pricing Structure?

The average cost to produce an audiobook with Write My Wrongs is around $1,200; however, they offer three different payment plans to help make things more affordable:

  • Option #1    •Upfront Narrator Payment - You pay the voice actor a fixed, predetermined fee based on the finished hour length of your book. This is in addition to Write My Wrongs' project management fee.
  • Option #2    •Royalty Share - You split any royalties 50/50 with your voice actor instead of paying them upfront. Again, Write My Wrongs' project management fee is still required.
  • Option #3 - Self-Production - You record your own audio files and give them to Write My Wrongs for packaging, marketing, and uploading. With this option, there are no fees for narrators and no royalty shares, plus, the project management fee is reduced. However, audio files must be of a high enough quality for publication.

Why Write My Wrongs?

Since 2017, Write My Wrongs has been helping clients from around the world with everything from writing and editing to marketing and publishing. To date, they have supported over 600 authors across a wide range of industries and genres.

“Having never converted one of my novels into audiobook format before I was a bit worried about how it would go,” said a satisfied client. “However, Write My Wrongs immediately put me at ease, connecting me with a voice artist who understood the pace and tone of my story and providing us with the tools we needed to create an exceptional piece of work. I can’t thank them enough.”

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