Auckland Warehouse Roof Coating: UV Protection and Long-Lasting Weather-Proofing

Feb 2, 2024

Get a formidable defence against the elements with Industrial Roof Coatings in Auckland and across New Zealand. Protect your investment by reaching out to the team today! (+64-28-431-0492)

Roof repair and replacement are expensive, so why not do your best to protect the one you have?

Wherever you are in New Zealand, protect your commercial property from the top down with Industrial Roof Coatings! More details are at

Premium Protection

Enjoy a cost-effective alternative to re-roofing your property. Using only premium materials and delivering precision application techniques, the company helps you safeguard your investments with state-of-the-art surface protection.

Stop The Rot

The roof coating services help prevent corrosion in industrial environments and offer UV protection, all while preserving the structural integrity of your building. The coatings not only protect against environmental damage but also enhance the aesthetic appeal of a facility. Industrial Roof Coatings offers solutions for all types of roofing.

The company specialises in COLORSTEEL, iron, and concrete tile roof painting, helping to protect roofs and supporting structures against the elements. With carefully chosen paint blends that utilise durable and protective ingredients, Industrial Roof Coatings' services go beyond a standard painting job.

Keep An Eye Out

Industrial Roof Coatings recommends that you inspect roof areas regularly to keep an eye on any potential leaks or structural issues. Roof coating will only work if the underlying structure is sound. Coating is most commonly used when a roof shows early signs of deterioration. The waterproofing it provides can extend the life of your roof by several years.

Nationwide Service

While the company is headquartered in Auckland, the team serves clients and businesses across the country. Industrial Roof Coatings has completed jobs for warehouse facilities, leisure complexes, sports halls, and malls, working closely with roofing contractors to ensure optimal protection as soon as a new installation is implemented or a repair is finished. Learn more at

Modern Techniques

Industrial Roof Coatings brings expertise in modern coating technologies such as acrylic, silicone, polyurethane, and asphalt rubber. You can schedule a consultation with the team to discuss your requirements and preferred timeline for completion.

A happy customer says, “We were looking for a reliable partner for industrial roof painting, and the company delivered exactly what we needed. The transformation of our facility's appearance was remarkable, and the added layer of protection to the roof was a bonus.”

Reinforce your roof with robust surface protection from Industrial Roof Coating!

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