Atlanta: Find Moving Boxes For DIY Walk-Up Apartment Moving With This Guide

May 7, 2024

Planning a long-distance move involving an apartment with no elevators? Find the right company for the job, get access to free quotes, and learn about the best resources for any variety of moving boxes. online directory has you covered!

If you've got a long-distance move within Georgia or across state lines planned, you'll want to ensure everything makes it to their new destination in one piece. This can be especially critical if your move involves an apartment with no elevators.

Forget Googling all those key terms, wading through pages and pages of debatable taglines and snippets, and go straight to is your all-in-one resource for everything relocation, including the best long-distance moving companies for apartments with no elevators. They've even published a guide that tells you where to get the right moving boxes and which category of items will require what size of the box.

Pro Tip: you'll need more than half a dozen cardboard cubes from the grocer down the street.


For your move, you'll need lots of sturdy boxes specially designed to handle kitchen items, your clothing, your books, electronics, rugs, all those heavier items, all your fragile items, and more.

The very thought of it can be overwhelming, but don't worry. has done the work for you, checking out and listing all the best places to find the moving boxes you'll need, and taking a deep dive into the benefits of each.

Where are the best places to get moving boxes? Here is your quintessential list:

  • Home Depot
  • Lowes
  • U-Haul
  • Amazon
  • Target
  • The UPS Store
  • U-Line

For each one of these companies, you can learn all about the types of boxes they offer (sizes, utility, etc.), whether you can order the boxes online or simply pop by the local retail outlet and pick them up, and how vast and deep their inventories are.


Home Depot and Lowe’s stand out as top destinations for quality moving boxes, offering extensive selections both online and in-store. U-Haul and Amazon provide convenient solutions with customizable kits and a vast online inventory, respectively. Additionally, The UPS Store, Uline, and Costco offer alternative options and reliable packing materials, says the guide.


“Where to Get Moving Boxes” also provides valuable packing tips to help you prepare for your move.

If you're in Atlanta and planning that long-distance journey, consult for a vetted list of qualified and insured moving companies with the expertise needed to navigate every type of job - including buildings without elevators - so you benefit from a cost-efficient, streamlined process. has served over 750,000 happy customers thanks to the cutting-edge technology behind their online quoting system and a careful focus on relocation trends, and they look forward to making that 750,001.

Their latest guide covers an area most people underestimate, but which can make the difference between an easy relocation and the complicated, time-consuming one you undoubtedly want to avoid.

Get all the insider tips and tricks to make your move smooth and exciting. is your one-stop resource and directory, built by people who care.

Head over now and give it a try!

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