Art Market Analytics Platform Has Category Search Alerts To Find The Best Pieces

Sep 15, 2023

Find the best art and secure the best hammer price every time with LOT-ART, a new membership platform for art investment market data.

LOT-ART knows that, if you invest intelligently, an art collection can be a boon to both your social cachet and your financial portfolio. 

That's why LOT-ART has a new platform for interested art investors and collectors like yourself, who are seeking to enjoy high capital diversification benefits by moving into the realm of alternative or ‘passion’ investments. What LOT-ART offers you is detailed and comprehensive market data analytics distilled from the world’s leading auction houses; data that will effectively allow you to gauge the true market value of any piece of fine art and its likely future performance and liquidity.  

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LOT-ART has been launched as the fine art market continues to grow and outperform other alternative investments. As Knight Frank’s Luxury Investment Index reveals, art continues to be the best performing ‘asset of passion,’ following on from its notable 29% value rise in 2022. 

While traditional investments like shares and bonds gain their value on purely financial terms, the founders and data analysts behind LOT-ART know that art’s value is much more complex. As they explain, the value of any piece you buy is dependent upon factors like its cultural and historical worth, its aesthetic brilliance, the esteem its artist is held in and the ‘passion’ the piece evokes in buyers, as well as the governing artistic trends and tastes of both the current and future market it will be bought and sold in.  

Therefore, they believe that you can benefit from the financially driven and unarguable facts of the data they have analyzed, which aggregates thousands of auction sales to reveal to you the most profitable pieces and the best prices.  Discover the actual market value of art and collectible thanks to the most advanced Market Analytics.

LOT-ART’s new platform has a host of intuitive features designed to help you secure the best buys at the best prices and their new site also has a category search alerts function which will ensure that you never miss a new piece that is coming to auction. 

LOT-ART is the new home for art investment in Europe, North America and Oceania. 

Francesco Gibbi, the Founder and CEO of the membership platform, said, “Art as investment follows similar rules to most common financial products, but it is more rewarding in terms of emotional feelings and less sensitive to macroeconomic factors. When combined with sound expertise, purchasing at auction is the best source of good deals for any collector seeking alternative investment opportunities.” 

If you’re looking to expand into alternative investments, LOT-ART should be your first port of call.

Visit their website to see how a LOT-ART membership will ensure you are always investing intelligently.

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