Art Auction Aggregator Helps Collectors & Investors Secure Best Deals & Prices

Sep 27, 2023

LOT-ART is helping art collectors to buy, sell and invest better. With worldwide price analytics and a web of premium buyers and sellers, they have connections to the best pieces and the best prices.

Whether you’re moved by the dappled light of a Monet, the towering canvases and abstract realism of a Jenny Saville or the playful iconoclasm of a Warhol, LOT-ART understands art and how it is valued.

The founders of LOT-ART have drawn together a wealth of data from the world’s leading auction houses to bring you concise yet detailed evaluations of the profitability of any given passion investment, including fine art, watches, jewelry, and other antique items like furniture, rare manuscripts and more. Knowing that the ‘passion’ inherent to passion investments can sometimes cloud their prices, LOT-ART rather aims to give you clear data-driven price analysis, including an analysis of both likely liquidity and profitability. 

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As a new platform for alternative investors, LOT-ART is currently growing their services. In addition to helping you secure the best prices and the best deals at auctions by offering you comprehensive data sets, the platform is now also offering a new valuation service where you can have your current fine art and passion investment holdings assessed.  

LOT-ART can now also take consignments of fine art pieces, including works by both the old masters and contemporary modern artists. They also work as dealers of other passion investments and recommend that, if you’re looking to sell, you get in touch with their investment team directly. As their membership platform grows, they can now better connect interested sellers with their growing web of private collectors, investors and buyers. 

As the only investment resource to draw upon data from the international market, LOT-ART is well suited to you if you are based in North America, Europe, the UK, Australia or in a select location in Oceania, like Hong Kong. Because the founders of LOT-ART now have connections with the world’s leading auction houses, they can also connect you with international deals and organize all shipping and paperwork.  

With their auction aggregator and detailed market analytics combined with their growing community of alternative investors, LOT-ART is confident that they can help you to both buy, sell and invest intelligently

A spokesperson for the online investing hub said, “LOT-ART can assess the liquidity of fine art and timepieces to identify the best investment deals in the global auction market, optimizing the portfolio diversification strategy of private collectors and financial institutions who wish to invest in art-related assets with the highest potential return.” 

LOT-ART is also currently further developing features like their recommended member buys and tailored search services so that they can continue serving you better. 

The site’s founders added, “Proposing an innovative financial approach to art collecting, LOT-ART selects the best investment deals, tailored to individual taste, budget, risk profile and financial objectives—capital conservation, or short-term speculative.”

If you’ve got a passion for art collecting and investing, you need LOT-ART.

Visit their website to join the future of alternative investment.

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