Aromatic Bath Oils For Relaxation and De-Stressing: Try These Lavender Blends

Feb 2, 2024

Want to make your next bath a little bit more relaxing and soothing? Then follow Loving Essential Oils’ advice and make yourself a bath oil to add to the water!

Bath oils instantly take an average bath and elevate it to new relaxing heights! But making a great bath oil takes a little more than just mixing up some essential oils and throwing them in your bath water, which is why Loving Essential Oils wants to help. In its new guide, the aromatherapy expert teaches you how to make soothing, moisturizing bath oil treatments featuring popular scents like lavender, chamomile, and sandalwood. The guide also includes six homemade bath oil recipes for you to try at home.

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What Are Bath Oils?

Bath oils are basically diluted essential oil blends added to bath water to enhance its therapeutic benefits. “Soaking in a tub full of bath oil is a great way to unwind and de-stress after a long day,” explained Jennifer Lane, certified aromatherapist and founder of Loving Essential Oils. “But bath oils need to be mixed and diluted correctly to be effective, which is why we released our new guide.”

How Do I Make Bath Oils?

According to the guide, only three ingredients are needed to make bath oil; 20 to 24 drops of essential oils, 2 ounces of carrier oil, and a 2-ounce dropper bottle to hold the oil in. For the carrier oil, Loving Essential Oils recommends jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, or fractionated coconut oil, because all three help moisturize and soothe the skin.

To mix the bath oil, Loving Essential Oils suggests you start by adding the 2 ounces of carrier oil to the dropper bottle, careful to leave enough room for the essential oils. From there, you add the 20 to 24 drops of essential oils, aiming to achieve a 2% dilution level for 2-ounce recipes. Once this is done, all you have to do is put the cap on the bottle and shake it well.

How Do I Use Bath Oils?

Approximately one tablespoon is needed for a bath. You should add it to the bath water once it is done filling, swirl it around with your hands, and then get into the bath immediately. For maximum benefit, the bathroom door and windows should be closed and any fans should be turned off.

What If I Don't Know Any Bath Oil Recipes?

That's OK—Loving Essential Oils has you covered! In the guide, they've shared a few recipes for you to try. The Herbal Bath Oil, for example, is a mix of rosemary, lemon, and clary sage guaranteed to transport you to a place of relaxation. The Kindle the Spirit Bath Oil, comprised of lemon, lavender, and patchouli, can also help you reach a more calm and meditative state.

“If you can use some relaxation time then bath oils might be for you,” said Lane. “They are super simple to make and the scent options are endless. Plus, the skincare benefits are amazing. Melt that stress away today with some homemade bath oils.”

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