Arlo Pro Biometric Security Camera With Smart Home Integration & Cloud Backup

Jan 22, 2024

Still using an old-style security system for your property? Tired of false alarms and alerts? Why not go biometric with the Arlo Pro Camera? Facial recognition tech that saves time and gives you peace of mind. Get the details at IoT Echo!

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The IoT Tech Lowdown 

The camera can scan the faces of visitors and match them to a database of known individuals, enabling you to differentiate between false alarms and potential home security threats. Images with 1440p resolution make it easy to identify intruders and assist law enforcement in apprehending suspects. The footage can be uploaded to a secure linked cloud network, allowing you to access images from weeks or months ago.

The Arlo Pro Story

Arlo Technologies, Inc. is an award-winning market leader in smart home IoT devices based in San Jose, CA. The company has been pioneering product designs with cutting-edge AI capabilities and combining cloud infrastructure and RF technologies since 2018. 

Easy Integration

The IoT Echo guide explains that the Arlo Pro sends you automatic notifications when an unfamiliar face is detected by the camera. You can customize your security preferences and seamlessly integrate the device with other smart home technology – for example, operating the camera via voice control. There are also cloud storage options that keep your data safe and secure.

Facial Recognition

The Arlo Pro's facial recognition technology and remote capabilities allow you to quickly assess if an alert is a potential threat or simply a neighbor or friend who has called. With 2K video resolution, you get detailed and accurate color images while the camera's wide field of vision allows more of your property to be seen without blind spots.

After Dark

The device also offers you intelligent night vision capabilities including color identification which could prove crucial in identifying criminals by their clothing or vehicle. An integrated spotlight deters intruders while a zoom-and-track feature lets you follow moving objects.

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An IoT Echo spokesperson says, “Our mission is to empower homeowners with the knowledge and tools needed to enhance the security of their smart homes. From fingerprint recognition to facial authentication, we delve into the world of biometrics, providing comprehensive guides, reviews, and analyses.”

 Protect your home and your family with the latest biometric tech. Get the lowdown on what you need to stay safe at IoT Echo!

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