Are Ledger & Trezor Hardware Wallets Still Worth It? Find Out In This Review

Jan 5, 2024

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The Latest Blockchain Buzz

'Crypto Tools: Empowering Your Digital Assets' gives you a rundown of the best hardware wallets available today. The guide is part of The Crypto Merchant's popular blog series, providing you with insights, news, and reviews of the very latest and greatest DeFi tech.

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Beat The Hackers

The website is a trusted source of information for crypto adopters – whether you're a beginner, a more experienced investor, or just anyone interested in digital currency. The guide discusses how crucial hardware wallets have become in the face of increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks, malware, and phishing scams. How safe are your assets?

Ledger Nano X

Among the devices discussed is the Ledger Nano X. This is a compact and lightweight hardware wallet that offers offline storage of your private keys. Unlike a software wallet, this device eliminates the threat of hacking. During setup, a 24-word passphrase is also generated. This ensures that you can still access assets even if your wallet is lost or stolen.

The Nano X, the guide explains, works in conjunction with Ledger Live – a companion app for smartphones and tablets that allows for transacting on the move. The device supports over 5,500 different coins and tokens and offers Bluetooth connectivity. You can order the Nano X through The Crypto Merchant web store. It ships with a USB-C cable, a keychain strap, and recovery sheets too.

Teriffic Trezor

Another popular wallet option recommended by The Crypto Merchant is the Trezor Model T. This device is also available to buy via the web store and offers you a color LCD touchscreen to make operation smooth and simple. The Model T supports over 1,000 currencies including Bitcoin and Ethereum.


The final wallet recommendation is the KeepKey. While it has limited support for currencies – just 40 compared to Trezor's and Ledger's more impressive showings – this device is nonetheless a robust choice for your digital asset protection. The wallet has a large display screen while you approve each transaction via the confirmation button.

The article says, “By using these tools, users will be able to navigate the world of digital assets and take advantage of the many possibilities that the crypto industry offers. Fortifying your assets holds the key to a secure future.”

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