Applications of Augmented Reality in Business Enabled by Sphere AV Services

May 10, 2024

Sphere AV – (205) 777-5626 – is helping businesses in Birmingham, AL, and across the US, by increasing Augmented Reality (AR) products as companies look to implement solutions to maximise efficiency and revenue.

Augmented Reality Increase

While lots of attention is focused on AI, Artificial Intelligence, Sphere AV is noticing an increase in another emerging technology, AR. The company has expanded AR services to meet a growing business demand for extended reality solutions. More and more companies are looking for practical expertise to use the technology in ways that move beyond gimmicks and genuinely enhance operations and products.

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In recent years, AR services have been increasing across business areas as technologies and implementations mature, from design and visualization applications such as Ikea's space planner, to games and marketing efforts from the likes of Pokemon and Coca-Cola. However, AR technology is still relatively new and lacks standardization, making businesses cautious about what systems to invest in and which new procedures to adopt.

Augmented Opportunities

The US AR market is expected to exceed $20 billion in 2024 and some projections estimate it could reach $1.2 trillion globally by 2032. Healthcare and industrial applications have been the most prominent adopters so far - but other practical applications are emerging. Highlighting AR’s potential, Professor Frank Pollick of the University of Glasgow authored research on increasing attentiveness with AR and said it “really does put information right in front of people’s eyes, so it could be a good fit for tackling the ‘look but fail to see’ problem.” The study was focused on helping drivers notice hazards using assistive prompts, suggesting AR could be ideal for many safety and marketing applications.

Find Solutions with Specialist Advice

With a wide variety of devices and applications to consider, Sphere AV has been advising businesses on the best technologies to invest in and how to integrate new capabilities into their operations.

Founded in 2008 and led by Christopher McDaniel, Sphere AV provides innovative technology solutions for businesses, commercial spaces, and luxury homes. This includes extended reality, automation, and other new technologies as well as video, sound, and lighting installations.

A company spokesman stated, “The integration of AR in business processes can lead to innovation, improved customer experiences, and operational efficiencies, giving companies a competitive edge in their markets.”

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