Appear In Google & Bing Autofill Suggestions: Unique Service For Irvine Dentists

Dec 10, 2023

If you want your Irvine dental practice to be one of the only names featured on the first page of Google’s search results, My Tooth Media uses an innovative technique known as autocomplete optimization.

SEO and pay-per-click are expensive, and they don’t guarantee that you’ll actually get results.

My Tooth Media bypasses those methods completely by leveraging the power of the autocomplete function on major search engines.

The technique is both affordable and highly effective when compared to SEO or pay-per-click, and you can dominate the first page. The technology links your Irvine dental practice with popular search strings and even suggests your dental practice as one of them.

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When a person follows one of the suggested search terms, your practice will be among the only names that appear. Of course, the most popular search strings are limited, and once they’ve been claimed, they’re gone for good, so get in quick.

When start typing a search query into Google, Bing, or YouTube, the autocomplete function suggests several complete search strings, based on popular previous entries and your location. Google’s own data states that a considerable percentage of search queries are completed using this system.

‘My Tooth Media’ developed its new technology to help connect your dental practice with the most popular search strings in your region, as well as to help your name appear as one of the suggested search terms. It’s a beautifully simple and affordable way to gain an edge over your competitors.

“When individuals search using the specific keyword phrase you've selected, your presence will be prominent before any of your competitors, granting you a significant advantage,” a company representative explained. “Rest assured, you will be the sole company listed for the chosen keyword phrase, as we never sell the same phrase to multiple clients.”

About ‘My Tooth Media’

‘My Tooth Media’ is based in California, and is currently rolling out its innovative solution for dentists and dental specialists across the US. The firm explains that its system can also be utilized for other industries, and will also work for businesses who operate on a national or international level.

“This autocomplete optimization program works great, and we’ve already seen the results,” one client recently stated. “When someone searches for our service in the area, our name shows as one of the suggestions, and many of our new customers have found us this way.”

Forget expensive SEO and pay-per-click advertising. My Tooth Media offers an affordable solution that gives visible results.

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