Anti-Indoctrination Curriculum Ideas & Support For Unschoolers & Homeschoolers!

Jun 17, 2024

Ready to connect with like-minded homeschool families? Homeschooling Minds offers an online support group with educational resources and tools for combating government indoctrination.

If you're disgusted by the indoctrination and propaganda you see in public schools - you're not alone! Connect with peers and other independent families with help from Homeschooling Minds.

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The support group is open to all homeschoolers, unschoolers, and wildschoolers who are disillusioned with mainstream education and wish to mitigate the effects of government indoctrination.

Meet Like-Minded Peers

At a time when alternative modes of schooling are more popular worldwide than ever before, the online homeschooling support group offers a space for your family to meet like-minded peers and pool resources.

A recent report from the National Association of Scholars shows that many college and university students lack basic critical thinking skills and hold worldviews that are largely informed by pop culture, rather than intellectual curiosity. Recognizing the need for a different approach - in which discernment is cultivated - Homeschooling Minds provides a platform for you and your children to explore alternative viewpoints.

Be Empowered

“We seek to empower parents concerned about the pervasive influence of government-run public schools by providing a safe place for discussion,” explains a spokesperson for the organization. “We work to foster independence and self-reliance in our youth, training them up to think critically and learn passionately, growing immune to and free from the influences of blind indoctrination.”

Although open for all to join, the group is private, allowing for in-depth discussion between members. Primary guidelines include treating others with kindness and courtesy - healthy debates and respectful disagreements are encouraged within the group.

With a view towards cultivating independent thinking and critical thinking tools, Homeschooling Minds also collects various articles, press releases, and think pieces from across the web. Articles are drawn from diverse sources, including Pew Research, New York Daily News, Washington Examiner, and The Liberty Daily.

Stay Up To Date

As a group member, you can also stay updated with coverage of recent events, such as the 40th Annual Florida Homeschool Convention, or a recent case involving the death of a homeschooled child in West Virginia, with discussion of broader implications for regulations in that state.

Homeschooling Minds also offers practical tips and information for your family, such as how to choose a summer camp for independently-minded youth, methods for teaching philosophy, and ideas on how to to boost math and science knowledge.

Connect with others and help fight against government indoctrination - join Homeschooling Minds!

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