Anti-Censorship ChatGPT Alternative Web Browser With AI Chatbot Integration

May 30, 2023

Are you tired of the way liberal tech companies like Google suppress the stories you want to read? You need to try TUSK, the revolutionary browser and search tool!

In today's media landscape, many conservatives share a growing concern over the prevalence of liberal bias. They yearn for a platform that empowers them to choose the information sources they trust, without the fear of biased narratives.

That's where TUSK steps in to restore balance and revolutionize the way we consume content online. If you want to read conservative stories without being force-fed liberal junk, give it a try today!

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TUSK Search offers a direct alternative to Google for a conservative-focused search experience. It is integrated within the browser and offers the ability to select a Left, Center, or Right toggle before conducting searches.

That means you can tailor the results to your preferred political leaning. It aims to create a more personalized and meaningful experience, with curated and independently managed news feeds based on preferred publications.

The platform has also added Gippr AI, a free-speech chatbot that aligns with conservative points of view. Gippr AI promotes open dialogue and the exchange of ideas, and the integration is designed to enhance the browsing experience while fostering an inclusive and dynamic online community.

TUSK aims to reshape the online narrative and provide you with a trusted platform for information consumption. It offers an alternative to mainstream search engines by curating search results based on user preferences.

The browser is available for both Android and iOS devices, in addition to Windows and macOS. It was created by Jeff Bermant, a patriot who has 13 years of experience in the browser-development space, with previous projects including Cocoon VPN and Cocoon MyData Rewards.

No account is required to use the browser as part of its focus on privacy and security. The proprietary feed rank allows you to see the most popular and relevant news items across topics that interest you, and productivity features include a built-in password manager and support for most Chrome extensions.

A spokesperson states: "Privately browse the internet and get the latest news without censorship or liberal bias. The freedom-first web browser and search engine developed exclusively for conservatives lets you see all sides."

Are you ready for a search engine you actually want to use? Give TUSK a try today!

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