Announcing the Book Launch of Success Unlimited by Maxwell Adekoje

Sep 26, 2018

Maxwell Adekoje defines success as a thought process that gives birth to a discovered purpose. Success is embedded in the three letters – “NOW”. A good plan today is better than a superlative plan tomorrow.

Mr. Maxwell Adekoje has announced the launch of his brand-new book, ‘Success Unlimited’. The book sets its focus on how Mr. Adekoje reprogrammed his mindset to bring in the desired conversion from the information. Readers will likely find a particular interest in how he persuades people to ask the right question to develop the right mindset.

Mr. Maxwell said he wanted to influence and inspire the people to open new paths with hope and progress. He explains very effectively the philosophy of self-determination through action. Also, he inspires people to meet dreams with entrepreneurial goals through relentless hard work. He says, you will grow only when you face the challenges and overcome it. You will never grow in good times when things are going your way, you grow when there’s pressure, it improves your thought process.

Mr. Maxwell defines success as a thought process that gives birth to discovered purpose. According to him, a good plan today is better than a superlative plan tomorrow. He says, the most significant gap between successful and unsuccessful people is the way they think, which is a reflection of attitude, belief, and mindset. Also reprogram your thought process and discover your purpose in life.

He explains in the book vividly on how you can apply the 3 P’s to achieve success. This book will awaken those who are ready to level up their skills and want to grow and fulfill their leadership potential and to start designing their ideal life.

The book, Success Unlimited with Maxwell Adekoje is published by Success Publishing, and slated to be available on his website:

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