An Online Learning Community Is Making Automation Accessible To Small Businesses

Feb 23, 2024

Automation is not the future of business; it’s the now, and to thrive in this new era you need to adapt or risk falling behind. Worry not because the supportive community behind Automate and Grow is ready to give you a hand!

Not too long ago, you couldn't open social media or read the news without hearing about crypto. Now, that its hype has gone the way of COVID, all eyes are on automation, particularly generative AI and language models that are advancing at a dizzying pace, with many struggling to catch up.

For many small business owners, these are both exciting and terrifying times, as the transformative force of automation is expected to radically alter entire industries. How radical? Let’s just say that automation is so pervasive that those who resist are almost guaranteed to be left behind.

But all is not lost for those who barely understand what's happening. Roman Walther, a marketer specializing in automation technology, has recently introduced a new community on Skool called Automate and Grow. The group focuses on business automation education, particularly making automation technology accessible to small business owners around the world through training and guidance from its growing network.

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The Need for Automation Education

Automate and Grow is focused on the application of automation in marketing, and many industry insiders are bullish on the growth of this automation in this area. B2B research firm MarketsandMarkets, for example, said in its latest forecast that the marketing automation segment is projected to grow by double digits between 2022 and 2027 owing to factors such as digitalization and increased internet penetration.

The adoption of a critical element of automation, artificial intelligence (AI), has also gained massive momentum since advanced language models like GPT-4 were introduced to the public. Management consulting firm Bain & Company is warning businesses against a “wait and see” approach on AI, stating that many companies have already reported efficiencies “without a loss in quality”.

A Community for Automation and Growth

Automate and Grow offers courses and mastermind sessions covering business automation as a whole and what it considers the best available automated tools currently available to small business owners. By signing up, you’ll also be given the opportunity to receive one-on-one guidance from a mentor and network with fellow members.

“Our core mission is to empower small business owners by demystifying technology, making the complexities of business automation accessible and actionable,” said Roman. “We aim to transform technology from a daunting challenge into a lever for growth and efficiency.”

Automate and Grow’s “classroom” currently offers courses on three areas of businesses where most innovations on automation are concentrated, namely, marketing, sales, and customer acquisition. These areas are the perfect jump-off points if you want to start integrating automation into your business. They are also the ones that will give you the most tangible benefits without the need for massive outlay on your part.

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If automation is giving you an existential crisis, it’s time you conquered your fears by learning how to use automation for your benefit. Acquire readily and easily applicable skills and learn with a supportive community of adopters who are on the same journey as you.

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