An In-depth chat with Julia Quinn on Romance at a Glance Podcast

Feb 11, 2021

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We had the opportunity to interview Julia Quinn for our Podcast series Authors at a Glance. We covered a wide range of topics in this hour-long chat including the most important aspects of Bridgertons on Netflix, historical romance, and Julia's personal life during Covid 19. Julia Quinn fans and people interested in author interviews can view the full article at

The podcast includes several interesting pieces of information, one, in particular, is Julia Quinn loves the direction Bridgertons on Netflix went and feels like all the characters stayed true to the book in Bridgertons. A lot of book adaptations aren't good or the author isn't happy so keeping the characters true to the book that the readers love helped make Bridgertons on Netflix so successful.

Some of our favorite moments during our conversation with Julia were diving deep on Bridgertons, Julia's childhood filled with a love of reading, her marriage advice for sustaining a long relationship, and how deeply grateful and excited Julia Quinn is about her book series being turned into a hit show. The best example of this is perhaps found in the following extract:

'I really did have faith that they would, and I do want to reassure readers. I mean, there are changes, but I feel that the characters have remained utterly true to who I created. The main storylines of the Duke and I shine through.' - Julia Quinn

In discussing the podcast interview, I, Bridget Chun, Podcast Host at Romance at a Glance said:

"We had such a blast talking to Julia about all things romance and Bridgertons that we ended up talking to her for well over an hour during our podcast interview. Julia is funny, interesting, and was willing to cover so many amazing topics."

You will notice the podcast takes a familiar tone, which has been described as 'wildly entertaining, irreverent fun, and saucy'.

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