American Crew Fiber versus Da’Wax Review Comparison

Jan 6, 2021

I’ll go into detail about Da’ Wax and American Crew Fiber and tell you what is the best hair wax. Both of these products have their strong and weak points. So, I’ll review both these items to provide the best possible information on these hair waxes!

Here is a fair comparison between Da’ Wax and American Crew Fiber to determine which is the best hair wax.

Packaging of Da’ Wax vs American Crew Fiber

Da’ Wax comes in an eco-friendly container. It is made out of lasered bamboo and has a reusable bag. All in all, I would say that Da’ Wax has unique and stylish looking packaging. In other words, it does not look like your average hair wax product.

American Crew Fiber, on the other hand, has pretty basic looking packaging. It looks like your typical hair care product container. This is not necessarily bad. Sometimes, it’s okay to have something simple and reliable that you can grab and put on your hair before work.However, I would say that Da’ Wax has better packaging when compared to American Crew.

The Scent of Da’ Wax vs American Crew Fiber

Another important component of hair styling products is the scent. I don’t like to put anything on my hair that smells terrible. Luckily, both of these products have a great aroma. American Crew Fiber smells sweet and citrusy. Da’ Wax, on the other hand, smells fresh and is faintly scented.

Scent preferences are largely subjective, though. One person might prefer a certain scent over another. Personally, though, I don’t like sweet-smelling hair care products. American Crew Fiber isn’t super fruity or sweet-smelling. But I do like the fresh and more muted scent of Da’ Wax. 

Consistency of Da’ Wax vs American Crew Fiber

American Crew Fiber has a fairly thick consistency. The wax paste is white and does not go clear when I rubbed it between my hands. In addition, American Crew leaves a matte finish when put in the hair. So, in some cases, you might even have white bits in your hair if you don’t rub in the product well enough.

Da’ Wax is another thick product that comes in a white color. But, it has a more creamy texture. Really, Da’ Wax does not have the same problems as American Crew Fiber. When I put this product into my hair, it was much easier to apply, and no residue was leftover. 

Any white bits are made clear once you rub this product in. So, I would say that Da’ Wax is superior when it comes to consistency. 

Styling Capabilities of Da’ Wax vs American Crew Fiber

Styling capabilities are extremely important when getting hair wax. American Crew Fiber and Da’ Wax both have different capabilities when used in the hair. So, I’ll compare these two products here. This way, you can get a feel for how they style the hair.

With American Crew, I had to use more of the wax to get my hair into the shape I wanted. The American Crew held the shape well. But it took longer to style my hair with this product.

Da’ Wax offered me a different experience, though. With this hair wax, very little product was needed to get my hair into the style I wanted. And, the hold was a lot stronger than American Crew!

Both of these products are good overall. But if you want a stronger hold and want to use less wax in your hair, Da’ Crew is the better option in terms of styling capabilities.

Finish and Wash Da’ Wax vs American Crew Fiber

 Da’ Wax and American Crew Fiber both have different looks once they are put into the hair. Luckily, though, both products are easy to wash out at the end of the day.

 However, when using American Crew Fiber, the wax can look a little heavy on the hair. It weighs down on your hair a little more. It also has a matte finish, as I mentioned before. So, you won’t get much shine with this product if that is what you are looking for.

 Da’ Crew looks much better, though. Once I put it in my hair I could barely tell it was there. It has a light feel on the head and hair. And, this wax looks natural. Your hair gets a little bit more shine with this wax, but it won’t look greasy.

What you prefer in the look of your hair is another issue of preference. But if you want something that looks more natural and has some shine, I would definitely go with Da’ Wax.

Final Verdict:

American Crew Fiber is a solid brand with a solid hair wax product. However, if you want something that is unique and different, I would recommend purchasing Da’ Wax. Da’ Wax has great and stylish packaging. In addition, Da’ Wax is an eco-friendly brand that helps reduce your green footprint.

 If you are into buying sustainable products or have friends or family members that like sustainable products, this can be the perfect purchase or gift option. Even if you are not environmentally conscious, though, you will find things to love about Da’ Wax.

The consistency, smell, and capabilities of this product are to die for. And, you don’t have to use as much wax to get your hair styled with Da’ Wax. This means that you will save money and have to replace your hair wax less often when using Da’ Wax.

American Crew is less expensive at first glance, but you have to use more of the wax to hold your hair. So, in the long run, Da’ Wax could save you more money.

Overall, Da’ Wax is the winner for me. In comparison to American Crew Fiber, Da’ Wax looks cleaner and more natural in the hair. It is also easier to apply and takes less time to put into your hair. These facts alone make it a better product! It can be purchased on or their official website to learn more about Da’Wax and the Da’dude line of hair care products.

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