Amateur Investor Learning Resources For Working Moms: Achieve Financial Freedom

Mar 16, 2023

Are money worries keeping you up at night? Sign up for Invested Mom and learn new strategies to change your outlook on earning, budgeting, and achieving financial freedom.

Amateur Investor Learning Resources For Working Moms: Achieve Financial Freedom

Money - we all need it but some of us are better are earning it and keeping it than others. If you're looking for ways to expand your income and make the most of your resources, check out Invested Mom's financial literacy program!

The platform can empower you to change your financial mindset and awaken to opportunities in side hustles, new income streams, investments, and negotiation strategies for better pay and benefits at your current job.

If you don't know where to start when it comes to planning your finances and you're left bamboozled by the sheer amount of info on the web, keep things simple by enrolling in Invested Mom's financial literacy program. More details at

Invested Mom is committed to helping people from all walks of life realize their potential. The insightful and engaging content offers you motivation whether you're a mother who wants to become more financially independent, a disillusioned employee who feels stuck in an ill-suited career, or even a successful business owner searching for your next challenge.

Invested Mom is the work of South African Inge von Aulock who immigrated to Canada in 2010. The program is based on her own experiences of financial hardship and the hard-won lessons she learned to build a new career and future for herself when she arrived on North American shores. Inge has created a program that focuses as much on the psychology of financial success as it does on the practical steps that one can take to achieve it. Are you ready to take things up a notch?

The Invested Mom course is self-paced, making it easy for you to fit it around your existing schedules and commitments. The subscription fee gives you lifetime access to the content so you can repeat modules or return to the material whenever you wish.

Among the topics covered are how to leverage the power of websites such as Linkedin to find better-paid jobs; how a different mindset can kickstart and proliferate unexpected opportunities, and making smart investments without the need for any upfront capital.

You can also access a host of articles and thought-provoking pieces via the Invested Mom blog, covering everything from combating self-sabotage to surrounding yourself with positive role models and encouraging voices.

Another facet of the program deals with debt management strategies and how to work towards a more sustainable and self-sufficient lifestyle alongside fresh approaches to weekly and monthly budgets.

Inge von Aulock says, “Financial literacy matters because it can help you achieve your financial goals and make informed decisions about your money. By understanding the basics of personal finance, you can avoid common mistakes and pitfalls that can lead to debt and financial insecurity.”

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Money matters so start making your money work for you with Invested Mom!

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