Allies Business Advisors: A One-Stop-Shop For Small & Medium Sized Companies

Dec 1, 2019

Allies Business Advisors recently embarked on a long term business acquisition strategy and as well as making their wide range of services publically available for small to medium sized companies.

  • allies business advisors a one stop shop for small amp medium sized companies
  • allies business advisors a one stop shop for small amp medium sized companies
  • allies business advisors a one stop shop for small amp medium sized companies

The team at Allies Business Advisors recently announced a massive business acquisitions campaign that they're rolling out and ramping up over the next 10-20 years.

A spokesperson for the company stated that they intend on buying hundreds of small and medium size companies with average annual revenues of $500k to $20mm over the next decade or two.

For companies that don't meet the criteria they're looking for, they also have a variety "done-for-you" services to help entrepreneurs either sell their company with an experienced M&A professional from their network, or increase a company's overall valuation first by implementing marketing strategies for growth; systems and software for automation; financial resources to provide more working capital as needed; and hiring/outsourcing techniques for reduced expenses and increased profitability.

More information can be found here:

The "machine" they've been building over the past 10 years was specifically designed to optimize and grow their own personal acquisitions, but when the founder of the company realized that, on average, only 1 in 10 businesses that are listed for sale are ever successfully sold, he realized that was an enormous problem that needed to be solved.

By implementing some of the resources they share publicly on their website, a company can save money on expenses, increase their profitability, grow their top and bottom line with cutting edge marketing, and build a team of talented people who can continue running the company operations long after it has been sold. Likewise, having those those types of assets in a business can also help make it become much more "sellable" to another entrepreneur who has the energy and resources to take it to a entirely new level.

Additionally, if a business owner needs or wants to sell their company quickly, the investment division of Allies can begin their due diligence process to see if it's a company they'd be interested in acquiring directly. If so, they can then provide the guidance and stewardship to maintain the company legacy long into the future, while making sure the employees and customers will continue to be cared for.

The founder of Allies was also recently endorsed by one of the sharks from the hit tv show Shark Tank after he saw the network and resources that have been compiled by their team over the past 10 years.

The celebrity was quoted: "When he showed me some of the things he was working on, I saw the vision immediately. Nick has built a dream team of advisors and industry specialists who are capable of either fixing, scaling, or selling virtually any established business for more money than it’s worth today.”

To contact one of the senior advisors at Allies, visit:

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