Allentown Long-Distance Apartment Moving: How To Organize A Successful Move

Nov 14, 2023

From creating a checklist to getting rid of stuff (and labeling the stuff you do keep) a new guide helps Allentown apartment owners organize a successful move – and find reliable movers in their area.

Smart Move Organizing Pays Off - Big Time

With 2022 being “the most expensive year to move ever”, according to research cited by the National Association of Realtors, staying on budget is becoming a priority for homeowners looking to relocate, says

Out-of-state moves are naturally the most expensive, with costs easily exceeding $5,000 - but some planning and smart organizing can substantially reduce costs, and make moving less stressful.

Guide On Organizing For A Successful Move

The “Guide To Organize A Move” from helps Allentown, Pennsylvania apartment movers better prepare for their next out-of-state move.

Begin Preparations Early

The report recommends starting to prepare as early as possible - this allows you to minimize stress, cover all the important details of your next move, and make sure nothing is left behind.


Decluttering is another great way to reduce moving costs - and enjoy more space in your new home.

Since out-of-state moving generally charges per weight, discarding items that aren’t needed will save you money - and you can even make an extra buck by selling stuff you don't want.

Packing Room By Room

When it comes to packing, keeping things organized on a room-by-room basis will make things easier to find in your new home.

“Packing room by room will ensure that the process is streamlined and will make things easier for you,” recommends the guide. “We advise you to place items from one room in a single moving box and have them labeled so that you know where to place certain boxes and items when you arrive at your new home. Even if there is additional space inside a box, avoid putting items from other rooms inside it.”

The guide also covers other essential aspects of organizing a successful apartment move, including:

  • creating a moving checklist,
  • keeping a record of documents, receipts, and loans,
  • labeling boxes, and many others.

Finding Reliable Movers In Allentown also provides a directory of pre-screened movers to help you find trusted companies to work with on their next move.

Check it out today for the expert help you need!

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