All-In-One Gym For Mobility Challenges: Equipment For OT & PT Colleges

Mar 15, 2024

The ReAbility WorkStation is a game-changer for healthcare providers in OT and PT, and the colleges teaching these treatments. Introduce this portable, 15-in-one strength and flexibility training center into your college program so your graduates can bring it into the field.

If part of your medical school's curriculum includes occupational therapy and physical therapy programs, there's a new, comprehensive and cost-effective strength and fitness training solution on the market designed to turn a disability into a ReAbility. A 15-in-one multi-gym device, the ReAbility WorkStation from ReAbility Inc. is a rehab system for people with mobility issues that instantly elevates the recovery modalities you're able to offer while optimizing space and minimizing your investment.

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Now occupational therapy and physical therapy instructors can make a real difference in the lives of those seeking to overcome a spinal cord injury, stroke, or brain injury, and those diagnosed with Parkinson's, MS, or CP by integrating the ReAbility all-in-one strength training and exercise station into their college programs and campus clinics.


The ReAbility WorkStation is an adaptive 15-in-one multigym that helps restore independence to those working through mobility issues. An advanced and intelligent solution to comprehensive, cost-effective care, this easy-access device should absolutely be part of your OT and PT curriculum.

The system provides hundreds of different strength training and flexibility options by combining the benefits of 15 different workout machines into one. The unit occupies only 400 sq. ft. of space!


A recent article in the World Journal of Orthopedics notes exercise is an essential element in mitigating the risk of cardiovascular disease and other noncommunicable diseases people with spinal cord injuries and mobility issues can develop.

One of the barriers preventing individuals from integrating a customized exercise program into their routines is accessibility. With their adaptive, one-of-a-kind exercise and strength training device now on the market, ReAbility, Inc. makes it easier for you to provide comprehensive health and exercise treatments and training.

The ReAbility WorkStation is proud to fill a notable void in the remedial physical rehabilitation segment that now extends to the medical college and clinic milieu.

A spokesperson for the company explains:

“We have created an exercise device that is small on space and big on benefits, optimizing physical recovery for people with moderate to severe mobility issues. With 15 exercise devices and over 100 body-weight exercise options in one workstation, ReAbility is transforming health and wellness among those recovering from a brain injury, spinal cord injury, or stroke, and those diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, MS, or CP.”


Your ReAbility WorkStation includes:

  • two motorized portable gantries,
  • six sets of resistance bands,
  • six sets of therapy tubes,
  • one full bungee body weight suspension system
  • one gait training harness,
  • a complete overhead medical-grade 360° traversing area for safe independent walking,
  • parallel bars,
  • sliding high/low load bars,
  • a commercial-grade sliding table, and,
  • a folding treatment table.

A suitable solution for occupational therapy schools and clinics of any size, the workstation allows you to help up to eight patients at a time. And when the equipment is not being used, it can be folded away or transported for use in another clinic or therapeutic setting.

If your medical college is always on the lookout for the most up-to-date technologies and treatments that your students can then bring to their patients, or if your campus clinic needs a better solution for its mobility rehabilitation program, now you can integrate the ReAbility WorkStation into your curricula and healthcare environments.

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