AirPhysio – The Best Lung Expansion Breathing Device For COPD/Pulmonary Edema

Jan 17, 2022

Looking for an effective way to relieve COPD symptoms? Have a look at the scientifically proven AirPhysio device on the Life Wellness Healthcare online store to help strengthen and expand your lungs.

Struggling to take deep breaths? Are you suffering from COPD symptoms?

With the goal of providing a natural way to provide lung conditioning and strengthening support, Life Wellness Healthcare is reintroducing the AirPhysio breathing device for those who struggle with COPD or pulmonary edema challenges and symptoms.

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Now you can use a scientifically proven breathing gadget to help improve your lung function. AirPhysio offers you access to high-quality lung support solutions for fast, efficient, and effective recovery.

Pulmonary edema is a very serious condition that occurs when fluid fills the lungs. This leads to a lack of oxygen and breathing difficulty. It is also known as pulmonary congestion, lung water, or lung congestion. Symptoms include lower body swelling and increased weight, especially in the leg area, as well as breathing issues such as wheezing, shortness of breath when lying down and when physically active.

In addition to oxygen, this condition requires lung expansion and mucus removal, both of which are effectively achieved when using the AirPhysio device. Removing mucus is essential to lung hygiene. The AirPhysio device’s vibration loosens the mucus from the lung wall lining, which can then be coughed out or swallowed. Additional benefits are that lung volume is increased, air trapped within the air sacs is released, and airways are opened up.

The AirPhysio handheld OPEP device consists of a small handheld unit that is breathed into. The air triggers a small steel ball to start vibrating and results in slow, pressurized breathing. Together with the high vibration, this contributes to the loosened mucus. The size of the ball depends on the patient’s lung function, with low-function patients requiring a smaller size.

A spokesperson for the company said, “AirPhysio is an oscillating positive expiratory pressure device which is used for mucus clearance and lung expansion to help in the treatment of respiratory conditions like asthma, bronchiectasis, chronic and acute bronchitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, cystic fibrosis, emphysema, chest colds, and influenza.”

“The use of the AirPhysio device helps to facilitate secretion mobilization, prevents atelectasis, and maximizes lung volume for cleaner, healthier lungs,” they added.

Life Wellness Healthcare is the trusted AirPhysio expert you can always rely on—reach out to them at +61-736-085-683 to find out how they can help you!

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