Airphysio – The Best Lung & Breathing Support For Chronic Bronchitis In The US

Sep 20, 2021

Looking for the best device to strengthen your lungs and clear mucus out of your airways? Go to the Life Wellness Healthcare website today for the prompt and professional health solutions you need!

Discover the benefits of the award-winning Airphysio lung treatment devices – an ideal solution if you’re struggling with chronic bronchitis, COPD and other respiratory issues.

The drug-free handheld apparatus uses a simple pressurized breathing technology to help expand the lungs, as well as clear mucus from the airways.

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Life Wellness Healthcare is an online health store that specializes in providing innovative health improvement products. Their latest device is relatively simple to use, with most people using it once or twice a day for up to 5 minutes at a time.

Chronic Bronchitis is an illness characterized by a recurring constant ‘wet’ cough that can last from a few months till up to two years. This is because the inflamed airways fill up with mucus and cannot move the phlegm out of the airways as they usually can.

Causes are usually negative lifestyle factors such as smoking or exposure to smoke or dust for long periods. Smoking cigarettes is the leading cause of COPD in people 40 – 65 years of age.

The effectiveness of the product lies in the vibration caused when steadily breathing with slight pressure into the gadget. If you use it together with medication to reduce inflammation, the device’s vibration can help to loosen the mucus and assist your body to expel it naturally.

The latest announcement is in line with Life Wellness Healthcare’s commitment to providing you with high-quality lung cleaning and strengthening devices to assist you or anyone you know who experiences difficulty with COPD and chronic bronchitis symptoms.

Designed in 2016, the device is manufactured in Australia. Airphysio was developed in response to the need for an updated OPEP device that would effectively assist those with respiratory illnesses.

A satisfied customer said, “I was diagnosed with chronic bronchitis/COPD over a year ago. On my first two tries, I was able to clear up mucus… without Albuterol or any steroids. I did it as directed for 10 minutes and started crying all over again. I was able to clear more mucus than when I’m on the nebulizer. At this moment I can inhale and exhale without coughing.”

You can always rely on Life Wellness Healthcare for their trusted lung health expertise – go to their website today for your lung health therapy requirements.

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