AirPhysio: Lightweight Asthma Treatment Tool Expands Your Airways With OPEP

Sep 11, 2021

Do you struggle to breath because of asthma? This is the device you need! It’s lightweight, easy to use, and dramatically improves your breathing!

AirPhysio is a cutting-edge device designed to make your life easier, five minutes at a time. In just two or three uses per day, you’ll notice great improvements to your airways!

It uses Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure (OPEP) to target mucus where it’s building up in the airways. The vibration pushes it out of your body, and also helps to stimulate your own natural clearance process.

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The latest research shows that over 25 million Americans suffer from asthma, with 20 million over the age of 18. This results in almost 4,000 deaths per year, which Life Wellness Healthcare aims to combat with the updated AirPhysio device.

Featured on Australian TV for its innovative technology and effective lung expansion results, it’s now available across the US. AirPhysio is designed to help with your breathing and is beneficial if you have respiratory conditions, as it increases lung capacity.

As a preventative treatment, it’s well suited for those with cystic fibrosis, COPD, and bronchiectasis, as well as asthma. You are advised to use the device up to three times per day as required, for five minutes at a time.

For those looking to ensure optimal lung hygiene, optional filters are also available through the Life Wellness Healthcare store. These capture 99% of viruses and bacteria and are disposable to ensure that you can always ensure a quality experience.

Life Wellness Healthcare was created with a view to meeting the respiratory needs of customers around the world. Through industry-leading products, a focus on customer service, and dedication to optimization, the team is committed to helping you breathe more effectively.

Alongside the popular AirPhysio device, you can also buy the E-chamber La Grande Large Spacer, the Spirohome: Personal Ultrasonic Spirometer, and disposable protective masks with a viral insert for added protection.

A recent customer said: “This machine is the best. I have been using it daily to combat the weird breathing issues I’ve experienced, and immediately I was able to address the built-up mucus and strengthen the lungs. This is a winner.”

The product update is part of an ongoing commitment to innovation and expert service, enabling you to enjoy an improvement to your breathing every day.

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