AIReputors Offers Local SEO Services For Small Business Google 3-Pack Ranking

Mar 27, 2024

Want to create an automated marketing agency to help small businesses hit the Google 3-Pack? See why MunchEye recommends AIReputors by Abhi Dwivedi and Ben Murray!

AIReputors by Abhi Dwivedi and Ben Murray is the ultimate marketing tool for small businesses and marketers. You can use it to automatically enhance visibility for clients, putting them slap bang in the 3-Pack – and driving more leads with a few clicks!

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Create your own RAA

Whether you work alone or you want to build a team, you can use the tool to find low-ranking GBPs and help business owners achieve their growth goals through an ‘RAA’ or Reputation Automation Agency.

The creators highlight data from Semrush showing that 44% of users click on a link in the Google 3-pack when conducting local searches, but they note that securing a spot in this section can be a daunting task for small and medium-sized businesses, which often lack the resources or knowledge to create effective SEO campaigns.

AIReputors aims to bridge this gap by offering AI-driven automation capabilities. Its algorithms identify potential clients with unclaimed or underperforming Google Business Profile pages and proactively engage them with personalized outreach campaigns and lead magnets.

The best AI marketing solution

Once a client is on board, you can use the app’s advanced features to fully manage and enhance their listings, increasing the likelihood of ranking higher in the Google 3-pack - and thereby improving their visibility, calls, and foot traffic.

The app can also be used to generate compelling descriptions and niche-specific content tailored to each client's industry. This is automatically posted to their Google Business Profile, boosting their online reputation and search engine rankings.

Make review management a breeze

In addition to content generation, AIReputors offers a comprehensive review management solution: through intelligent widgets, it captures and publishes reviews on platforms like Angi, Yelp, Google Business Profile, and Bing, helping to ensure that positive customer feedback is consistently showcased.

One recent client said: “This is exactly what I needed. I have tools to find clients, but nothing to grow their local profiles and improve their reputation. I’m highly impressed with the attention that went into this tool compared to others I’ve tested in the past.”

With the AI revolution, you don’t have to have years of experience to create a successful marketing agency.

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