Air Quality Forecast Scary? A Breathing Exercise That Has Silicon Valley Agog!

Oct 15, 2021

NYT Bestselling Author, James Nestor and Silicon Valley Influencer Adiel Gorel show how to combat any poor air quality forecast. Get your breathing exercise routine to better your health with each breath.

The Air Quality Forecast in the Bay Area is the first thing you check every morning when you have lived there for any length of time. It becomes part of your need to know information to plan your day. This holds true for any densely populated area, where your choice of breathing exercise could be working for you or against you. 

Instant New York Times Bestselling book by James Nestor Breath, is flying off the shelves because the world is ready to take back some control and combat the pollutants in our air, by changing the way we all breathe. 

Author of Breath, James Nestor sat down with Silicon Valley Influencer, Adiel Gorel to reveal the breathing exercise anyone can do when the air quality forecast is warning all to stay inside for your lung health. Tune in to hear how you can turn your nose into a personal air filtration system and just how much a poor air quality forecast should be influencing our daily routines, no matter where we live.

To take back control of the air quality in your lungs, to install the game changing breathing exercise to uplevel your health, click here:

Influencer and enthusiast Joe Rogan is raving:

“This book is amazing. Most people have no idea how to do breathing exercises and how beneficial they are. Over the last few weeks I’ve been using the methods I learned from his book and I can tell you there are absolutely some real benefits to be had from this. . .I really enjoyed this book.” – Joe Rogan

Adiel Gorel’s interview with James Nestor makes it very clear how awful it’s gotten which we all need to comprehend, but Nestor also provides a clear path to improved, deeper, cleaner, stronger healthy breathing exercises.

When you consider that up to half of our current world population is breathing through their mouths you can see what power James Nestor is giving back to the people with his book Breath. 

“I come from Silicon Valley, and everyone is concerned about the Bay Area air quality forecast each day, and healthy habits to improve our quality of life, our longevity, our focus, our productivity. The exercises in James Nestor’s Breath are creating such a buzz, an impact, we’re often kicking off our meetings with a breathing exercise. It’s simple, it’s natural, it’s always doable, it works!”

– Adiel Gorel 

When breath comes into the body through the mouth, all of the benefits your nose was perfectly architected to give you, gets lost. In many ways, half the population is exposing their lungs to smoke, pollutants, allergens, smog, toxins, unfiltered air every second of every day. This can take the experience of living in a city as wonderful as San Francisco or Los Angeles, or the Bay Area and turn it into a bad health habit after a period of extended exposure. But we have the power to flip this right back around by choosing the right breathing exercise for us. 

You might have made the hard decision James made when faced with the decision to have nasal surgery after breaking his nose several times. You see, Nestor chose to instill better breathing habits for a period of one year to see if he could improve his breath. He took a before CAT Scan and an after CAT Scan; one year after practicing nasal breathing, and healthy breathing habits. The second CAT Scan revealed Nestor was able to open up his airway ten to twenty percent. That’s incredible.

“Being able to improve the quality of air coming to your lungs by twenty, even ten percent with James Nestor’s breathing exercises is game-changing for anyone with allergies, congestion, or any nasal injuries.”

Adiel Gorel

Nestor suggests that before you jump right into surgery or start any new medication to try these mellower approaches, choose a breathing exercise for the lungs first, and see what progress you can accomplish without subjecting yourself to any of the complications or side effects that can come from medications or surgery. You see because the tissues in our noses are flexible, they open and close, responsive to how we use our nose. 

Instead of focusing on respiratory illnesses, James Nestor investigates the chronic, everyday breathing problems that, he explains, have devastated the health of so many of us. The breathing exercise practices Adiel Gorel and James Nestor reveal are excellent for travel, to clear the lungs of all the recycled air on any form of shared transportation, car, bus, train, airplane. It’s all about increasing your air quality, through the proper breathing exercise and it’s coined many different names, hypoxia breathing exercise, breath-hold therapy, Taiko breathing exercise, Papworth therapy, pranayama breathing exercise, it goes on and on, but they are all doing the same thing. 

When you consciously hold your breath, it’s possible for you to increase your CO2 threshold. With so many of us facing a poor air quality forecast, each day, around the globe so many people need a balance of CO2 in their bodies. Even in towns where it’s not the daily need to check the air quality forecast, most of us do not have enough CO2 for our bodies to function normally. 

When you can carry more CO2, you can more easily release oxygen. This has been known for over 100 years but now with James Nestor’s Breath, many Americans are exploring hypoxia training or the hypoxia breathing exercise to help better heart conditions, weight problems, or metabolic problems. Millions of us are finding Nestor’s breathing exercises giving them an incredible benefit. It contributes to helping people lose fat faster because having more CO2 is going to allow more oxygen to offload. Oxygen helps to burn fat. And who doesn’t feel better after some focused time on our breathing?

Considering that pranayama breathing exercise is an essential part of almost every single yoga practice which has so many health benefits, and they’ve been doing it for thousands of years, what’s interesting to see now is that science is bolstering what we’ve already known to be good for you, for generations and generations.

Learn your best breathing exercise along with Adiel Gorel and improve your health every second of every day.  It’s exactly why instant New York Times Bestselling book by James Nestor Breath, is on everyone’s lips. 

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