AI-Powered Lead Generation Tool For Sales Teams With Targeted B2B Email Outreach

Mar 5, 2024

Kalendar.AI is the perfect tool if you want to book more sales meetings without doing the heavy lifting yourself. Try the free demo today!

With Kalendar.AI, you can create your own team of AI sales agent avatars, and they'll immediately get to work contacting prospects and engaging them through email. You can connect directly to an audience of over 300 million companies, with data-driven, conversion-focused advertisements.

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Automate sales meeting bookings at scale

The service - which can also be used by sign-up agents to generate leads and CRM agents to increase conversion - offers a fully automated solution if you're looking to book more sales meetings with potential customers in the B2B space, helping you explore potential opportunities more effectively.

According to recent research from WebFX, over 80% of marketers are now using AI tools as part of their workflow. Kalendar.AI's latest offering taps into this growing trend, providing you with an innovative way to boost productivity and connect with more potential customers.

Harness data-driven email marketing

You can use the tool to create customized AI-powered virtual assistants and then initiate email conversations, emulating human behavior and initiating personalized outreach at scale.

The AI engine optimizes outreach strategy, predicting interest levels and identifying the most qualified targets for automated email campaigns, so the virtual assistants can take automated actions that improve results over time - from writing compelling subject lines to connecting with the right decision makers.

Reach more businesses – fast

According to internal benchmarks, Kalendar.AI's AI-powered customer acquisition solution achieves conversion rates up to 10 times higher compared to traditional advertising methods, which translates into reduced customer acquisition costs and larger sales pipelines.

The company explains that it sought to devise a new avenue to efficiently and intelligently grow lead generation efforts, mapping a path toward sustainable scaling through AI automation.

One recent user said: “This is an automated and personalized email marketing platform that helps you to reach the right person you are looking for inside enterprises, and generate valid customer information, like phone numbers, email addresses, and LinkedIn profiles. It gives you an exact match with B2B lead generation.”

Do you want to book more sales meetings on autopilot? You’re in the right place!

Check out to try the tool for yourself and see what an impact it can have!

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