AI Masterclass At NYU SPS: In-Person & Online Digital Transformation Workshops

Mar 26, 2024

AI might be the buzzword on everyone’s lips these days but how much do you understand it? And have you got a strategy in place to harness emerging technology to grow your business into the future? Take the AI Masterclass at NYU SPS!

Are you and your organization lagging behind when it comes to AI adoption? Want to lead from the front and harness the possibilities of this exciting technology to take your business further?

Join the new AI Masterclass by the NYU School of Professional Studies (SPS) and Intellibus – aimed at senior and C-level executives, board members, and individuals interested in expanding their knowledge. More details at


The workshops are scheduled to take place from the 10th to the 12th of May 2024. The AI masterclass takes place on the NYU campus with two weeks of an online self-paced preparation phase leading up to the event. The course is led by two experienced industry executives who will be joined by guest speakers and panelists from across multiple industries. Plug into a world of AI expertise!


The classes give you an in-depth understanding of AI and its implications for a variety of organizations and industries. Through an 'action-learning' approach, the course empowers you to apply your newly-acquired insights to your company's specific situation to develop an AI roadmap as well as forge connections with other industry leaders. You can attend a live Zoom info session to find out more about what the course offers.


AI looks set to shape the world of commerce for years to come. According to a Forbes Advisor survey, 64% of businesses believe that artificial intelligence will improve their productivity. An IBM report suggests that at least 25% of businesses adopting the technology are doing so to address the growing problem of labor shortages while Statista reveals that AI is expected to drive a 21% increase in US GDP by 2030. Don't get left behind!

Hot Topics

The masterclass will feature interactive teaching with live case studies, classroom discussions, and bite-sized self-learning elements. Topics will include Industry Dynamics – how AI will impact one's organization; Regulation -anticipating regulatory trends and developing adaptive strategies, and Digital Transformation – connecting AI strategies to company-wide digital reform and expansion. Learn more at


Guest speakers and panel members for the May class include LTG Ross Coffman of the Army Futures Command and Ricky Ray Butler, CEO of BENLabs and Tubebuddy, and more. The course is led by Ed Watal, the founder and principal of INTELLIBUS, and Jepson Taylor, a former chief AI strategist for Dataiku, AI startup founder, and podcast host.

Dr. Ulrich Winkler, the program lead, says, “Become a more effective leader at navigating your organization through the coming wave of AI-driven change. Gain the tools and knowledge to leverage AI’s exponential opportunities and avoid its existential risks.”

Develop your AI vision in the beautiful surroundings of the NYU campus. Sign up for the May 2024 SPS masterclass today!

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