AI Lead Generation & Outreach Tool Creates Revenue Streams For New Businesses

Jun 3, 2024

Kalendar.AI is changing the way businesses approach lead generation with their new AI tool. This effective and affordable solution can help your business create new revenue streams.

If your business is in its inception and needs to raise seed funding, get more financial backing and build a bigger network of partners and clients, you need Kalendar.AI.

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An Effective Lead Generation AI Tool For Your Business

Kalendar.AI’s new AI-powered solution will offer your business a cost-effective way to expand your lead generation and cold outreach potential by replacing a traditional sales team with their smart AI sales agents.

With Indeed citing that the average sales agent now commands $76,425 per year for their salary—not including commissions and other bonuses—Kalendar.AI understands that this is a significant expense that, as a new business, you may simply be unable to afford.

Thankfully, their AI sales agents are a vastly more affordable and effective alternative. Much like a traditional workforce, you can hire a team of AI sales agents and contract them to do all your mass cold outreach work for you.

Kalendar.AI Creates More B2B Connections

All you need to do is input your pitch or offer, your targeted audience and additional search parameters, like whether you want to focus on certain industries or are only interested in companies with a certain minimum revenue level.

From there, the Kalendar.AI agents will begin canvassing a global network of over 300 million companies for you.

Their agents are capable of sending a vast volume of mass emails out, whilst still personalizing each one to suit both the recipient and your company. As Kalendar.AI is partnered with Woodpecker AI mailbox technology, their emails have also been designed to pass through spam filters and land in the intended target’s inbox, far exceeding the success rate of a traditional sales employee.

Kalendar.AI agents will then do the initial sales outreach work before guiding qualified leads to a landing page where they can book a Zoom meeting with a member of your team. Plus, the platform is also fully integrated with Calendly to make this meeting booking process even more streamlined.

Use AI To Drive New Revenue Streams

In its pilot phase, Kalendar.AI was proven to help new businesses:

  • reduce their staffing costs,
  • reduce their expenditure on marketing and advertising,
  • and create a significant volume of new meetings and new revenue streams.

A representative for the developers and B2B specialists behind the AI sales tool said, “Kalendar.AI sales agents autonomously drive meetings, sign-ups, and revenue, captivating your prospects from a pool of 300+ million companies globally. Our personalized email ads will deliver 10X your current ROI from B2B campaigns.”

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