AI Data Science & Machine Learning Certification Online Training Path Launched

Dec 2, 2019

Do you want to learn how to build, test, and deploy Artificial Intelligence models? Do you want to become a master of creating and maintaining different Artificial Intelligence infrastructures? The Simplilearn AI program can equip you with the knowledge that can take you to your next level.

  • ai data science amp machine learning certification online training path launched
  • ai data science amp machine learning certification online training path launched
  • ai data science amp machine learning certification online training path launched
  • ai data science amp machine learning certification online training path launched

Do you want to earn an official professional certification to testify to your skills as an Artificial Intelligence expert? An AI certification program can get your career off to an amazing start. 

The new online professional program for Artificial Intelligence Engineers by Simplilearn is perfect for people interested in getting more knowledge, capabilities, and wisdom in their hands. The knowledge and experience that you will acquire are so powerful and valuable – they will be the key to reaching new levels of success. This program is co-developed with IBM and will give you an insight into various Artificial Intelligence tools and projects.

More information about the program is available at:

Participants will learn how to design, build and deploy AI-powered applications on the web with the Simplilearn AI professional certificate program.

The course is full-packed with valuable, actionable information and is reasonably priced: it is a cost-effective alternative to a college degree. It is self-paced — because the students are busy people! You can move through the course more slowly if you prefer, and many students do.

Upon successful completion of the training program, students can earn an official IBM Academic Certificate that validates their knowledge and experience as Artificial Intelligence and Data Science experts. The course will teach you how to use AI in a way that will empower you or any organization to do anything and everything faster and more effectively. 

The program is comprised of 7 modules: Introduction to AI, Data Science with Python, Machine Learning, Deep Learning Fundamentals, Deep Learning with TensorFlow, Natural Langauge Processing, AI Capstone Project.

In fact, among a group of students polled about their experience with the course, 86% reported that the program gave them a tangible career benefit while many got a pay raise or promotion based on what they learned in the program.

A satisfied student shares, “I needed a professional course that would help me acquire new skills and that would allow me to multiply my money and my success: The industry-recognized certification from IBM and Simplilearn help me achieve all that. It over-delivered.”

The course instructor is Mike Tamir – No. 1 AI and Machine Learning Influencer and Head of Data Science at Uber ATG. He trains students on Python, Machine Learning techniques, including data reprocessing, regression, clustering, and Deep Learning methodologies and its applications using TensorFlow.

That Certification badge makes you look pretty damned good to your boss and colleagues — and so does all the smart AI applications you can now confidently recommend.

You can get all of the details and get signed up here:

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