Affordable Viscoelastic Memory Foam Mattresses For Hospitals Come In 3 Options

Oct 10, 2023

One of the essential aspects of ensuring a positive healthcare experience is providing the right kind of support. This extends to the beds and mattresses you use. If you agree, then Safe4Care’s Viscoelastic mattresses are a must-have.

Did you know that the type of mattress your patients sleep on can play a significant role in their comfort and well-being? Now you do!

Safe4Care's Viscoelastic mattresses, also known as memory foam mattresses, are tailored to deliver pressure relief, support, and comfort to your patients. You can choose from three options: Air-2, Air-3, and Simplex, made using a combination of prime visco-elastic SAF foam and high-quality HR foam that are durable and easy to clean.

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At Safe4Care, they get that high-quality care for your patients is a top priority. They believe their Viscoelastic mattresses are the best solution if you are looking to ensure the comfort of your patients with reduced mobility. These mattresses can also withstand wear and tear, guaranteeing their use over a long period.

The AIR-2 and AIR-3 models are pressure-distributing mattresses that utilize open-celled air-foam technology to manage heat and moisture effectively. The difference between the two options is the size of the foam at the side: AIR-2 has 4 cm of high-quality 50 kg HR foam, while AIR-3 has 7 cm of 38 kg HR foam, both cut into squares.

Safe4Care also offers the Simplex model, designed for effective pressure distribution and decubitus prevention. It uses 3 cm of Pink SAF at the top for effective pressure relief without hindering self0mobility and a 9 cm base layer of high-quality 38 kg HR foam. All three options are designed to accommodate individuals weighing up to 130 kg.

In addition to providing pressure relief and comfort for patients, Safe4Care's mattresses offer natural resistance against microbes and bacteria thanks to its advanced visco-elastic foam technology. The foam can be washed at high temperatures of up to 95° C and air-dried or autoclaved, allowing for efficient cleaning and reuse in demanding healthcare environments. The mattresses also have a Safe4Care-FLEX cover that can be easily cleaned with most common disinfectants.

About Safe4Care

Safe4Care, a Danish company, was established in 2010 to develop anti-decubitus and pressure-relieving products for the healthcare industry. Leveraging partnerships and building on a strong foundation of decades of experience in healthcare, the company is committed to becoming the preferred global provider of high-quality foam products.

“We make every effort to keep things simple,” said a spokesperson for the company. “Our products, systems, and guidelines are easy and convenient and do not require great expertise or advanced technology. They are made to withstand long-term, tough use and rough handling. All products can be maintained, cleaned locally, and reused multiple times.”

Looking for an affordable and effective way to improve the care of your patients? Invest in viscoelastic mattresses from Safe4Care!

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