Affordable Tourist Packages Help Budget Conscious Families Avoid Additional Fees

Jun 1, 2024

Travorium is the new booking platform American families trust to bring them the most affordable tourist packages and some of the cheapest imaginable stays at four and five-star family-friendly resorts.

Wherever you want to go on vacation this year, Travorium is determined to take your family there for less.

See how this fast-growing booking platform is helping families see the world at

Book An Affordable Tourist Package For Your Family

Travorium was founded with the goal of challenging the reigning duopoly of online booking and to bring members more transparent and affordably priced travel.

Now, with their new selection of family tourist packages and their smart price comparison tool, they are hoping to give budget-conscious families like yours the chance to make your money go further by getting you travel agent rates on resorts and hotels and ensuring you avoid unnecessary additional fees.

If you’re one of the 59% of families who TravelPulse found are concerned about affordability even though you want to travel this year, Travorium is here to show you the way to go further for less.

A Travel Solution For Budget-Conscious Families

In the face of the rising cost of living, Travorium is committed to bringing your travel costs down.

As a representative for the booking company explained, because online travel booking is dominated by just one or two sites, there is an increasing disconnect between what a hotel or resort actually charges, and the inflation built into the rates most travelers can access.

That’s why Travorium has partnered directly with four and five-star family-friendly hotels and resorts around the world, to bring you travel agent rates and to ensure you can see a fair and accurate price comparison when booking your trip.

Plus, in addition to accommodation, Travorium can offer you discounts and better access to excursions, activities, hire cars, cruises, and more. 

Become A Travelpreneur For Even Cheaper Trips

As a membership platform, Travorium has also been designed to give your family the chance to accumulate discount points the more you travel and the more you refer fellow families to the platform. They call this their ‘travelpreneur’ incentive.

The team behind Travorium is now offering a free demo where they will show you how the platform works and show you case studies, like Dmitry, who just took his family to Cancun, Mexico, paying only $148 for their accommodation at an all-inclusive resort by the beach for 7 days. Or Adriana, who, with points applied, took her family to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic, staying for 8 days in a 4-star resort for only $63.

As their representative stated, “Our travel booking platform is the engine that will power your ability to book at travel agent rates - allowing you to save up to 70% off normal rates on hotels, cruises, resorts, rental cars, activities, excursions, and more.”

With summer break around the corner, see how you can make this year’s vacation your family’s best and cheapest one ever, thanks to Travorium.

Head to to sign up for their free demo and start traveling the Travorium way.

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