Affordable Supplemental Grow LED Lighting for Greenhouses to Reduce Utility Bill

Mar 29, 2024

Take your indoor farm to the next level with energy-efficient, reliable, and affordable LED grow lights from Superior LED Technologies!

Are you sick of compromising on yield or cost? Then Superior LED Technologies has just what you're looking for; energy-efficient, affordable, and reliable supplemental LED grow lights for your greenhouse!

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These grow LEDs are made to maximize your greenhouse yields and have been proven to reduce energy consumption by 50-75%

Smart LED Solutions for Profitable Indoor Agriculture

Superior LED Technologies has a selection of the next generation of grow LED lighting designed to reduce electricity use while increasing yields by as much as 50%. By providing you with high-performance lights, the company wants to help your farm become profitable faster!

Supplemental Full-Spectrum LED Grow Lights

While a greenhouse can supply plenty of sunlight, the natural light alone is not enough for optimal plant growth, especially during the darker months of the year. To extend the hours of light as well as the intensity, Superior LED Technologies' products utilize a patented full-spectrum technique. The lights have 62,000 hours of expected run time, giving you a reliable solution that will help boost growth and yield for many years, reducing time spent on maintenance and installations.

Range of LED Solutions

In Superior LED Technologies' catalog of growth lights, you can find a range of LEDs from 340 to 1050 W, depending on the intended use. There are different alternatives for wide-spaced plants, vegetive growth, and multi-tier cultivation, all using Cryo-Therm cooling technology to reduce temperatures rising.

Custom LED Light Plan

If you're interested in purchasing a solution from Superior LED Technologies, you can schedule a personal consultation with one of the technicians for a custom light plan where the type of crops, facility, and budget will be taken into consideration. The team can also help you apply for available energy tax rebates to reduce utility bills further.

About Superior LED Technologies

Superior LED Technologies was founded ten years ago after seeing a need for affordable grow lights that boost farm output. In addition to offering patented LED lights, the company also specializes in custom diodes and manufacturing designs, giving customers lightweight, functional, and efficient solutions.

"Superior LED Technologies believes that effective full spectrum LED grow lighting solutions can only be delivered by incorporating quality and service with budgetary considerations. Our company has staked the ground in providing the pinnacle of full spectrum LED grow lighting solutions possible through a white glove consulting process that helps customers manage the complexities and economics of lighting upgrades and purchases," a company spokesperson said.

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