Affordable OTC Nano CIC Hearing Aids With Charging Case & Long Battery Life

Apr 6, 2024

Hearing aid batteries don’t come cheap and there’s nothing worse than losing power and audio quality when you’re miles from a store. Experience the next generation of hearing devices with Nano – rechargeable OTC audio support for perceived mild to moderate hearing loss.

Spending a fortune on hearing aid batteries? Looking for a discreet device that still packs a punch in terms of power and high-quality audio?

Try Nano Hearing Aids – rechargeable over-the-counter devices for perceived mild to moderate hearing loss. More details at

No Need For Prescription

You can purchase any Nano model without a prescription or a hearing test from an audiological professional. All models are Class 1-registered by the FDA as safe and effective for OTC distribution.

Easy Charging

Each one of Nano's hearing aids comes with a charging case, giving you from 12 to 14 hours of continuous use on a single charge. From completely-in-canal (CIC) devices to behind-the-ear (BTE) versions, the company offers a variety of styles to satisfy different tastes and budgets. All models are available for less than $600 – that's about $1,000 less than comparable prescription models.


The CIC2 is the entry-level model, available from the Nano web store for $297. This hearing aid is small and discreet, nestling directly in your ear canal. Orders ship with a variety of tips and domes to ensure a snug and comfortable fit as well as a user manual, a plug, and a USB charging cable. There are two audio programs so you can adjust settings in different environments.


The CIC4 adds two more programs to help you cope with noisier settings alongside an advanced feedback cancellation feature. You can get this model for just $397 with refurbished versions also available for $100 less.

BTE Options

Nano's behind-the-ear (BTE) devices begin with the X2 Recharge which comes in a stylish circular charging case and offers you an impressive 14 hours of use on a single charge. Dual microphones provide multi-directional amplification while noise reduction technology ensures a clear signal even in loud environments.

App Control

The Sigma Plus is Nano's other BTE option which adds Bluetooth capability for hearing aid control via a companion app. This flagship model gives you more powerful amplification than the X2 Recharge or CIC devices.

Peace Of Mind

All hearing aids come with a one-year warranty and a 45-day return or refund policy. You can discuss your needs with Nano's team of hearing counselors who are available around the clock to troubleshoot any issues or help with setup.

Engage with the world around you without paying a small fortune. For the best OTC hearing aids, choose Nano!

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