Affordable MedSpa Training For Single Moms: Halifax Dermatology Courses Online

Nov 18, 2023

Did you know you can get fully trained to work in a dermatology clinic or MedSpa, in as little as 8 weeks? The Dermysk Medical Aesthetics Academy (844-337-6975) has fast, accessible courses, that teach you everything you need to know, and more.

Do you remember the movie Aladdin? There was a scene in that movie where the genie listed all the things he couldn't do because they were just too hard - like bringing people back from the dead or making them fall in love.

What he didn't list - but probably should have, is getting someone out of a dead-end job.

I know it doesn't work because I've made the wish many times - and not once has a genie shown up to help me out.

There is one thing that can help though - and that's accessible classes, that you can work on at your own speed and your own convenience. But that's tricky because they have to let you keep working your current job at the same time - or how can you pay the bills?

Well, toss the magic lamp - because I think I found the solution, and there are no genies required.

The only thing that's required is a desire to learn and get a better career, and an internet connection... well, and one week you can spend getting in-person training, but there's a trick to that too, so bear with me, while I tell you all about it.

You may have even heard of it before, it's called the Dermysk Medical Aesthetics Academy - and I've known about them for a long time, I just never realized they were a school and not just a MedSpa.

Actually, it's a genius idea if you think about it - they put their MedSpa clinics right beside their schools, so when you go for your in-person training, it's pretty easy to find clients to practice on and experienced aestheticians to guide you.

If you haven't heard of them, maybe take a few moments to check them out - or at least bookmark their website for later. Trust me, you'll want that link. It's

Now let me explain how this all works, so you can understand how the Dermysk Academy can do things a genie can't.

It's actually pretty simple, all they did was look at the training you need to get certified for a MedSpa career, and broke it into sections. There's the stuff you can learn online, and the stuff you can't.

The stuff you can learn online, like how each technique works, the science behind how lasers can remove hair, that kind of stuff - you'll learn that online, with the maximum convenience. There are no deadlines, class times, or any of that nonsense.

You just work on the course whenever you have time, and finish it when you can - it usually takes about 7 weeks to do the Basic Training online, but you could be faster, or slower. Either way - when you're done that, then they bring you into the Academy for one week of hands-on training, in all the stuff you can't learn online.

The good news is, that you can schedule your practical training for a week that's convenient for you - and when you're done, you'll be ready to start your new career immediately. That's super important, because you may have to quit your day job to get a week off for the training, and the Dermysk Academy staff want to be sure that if you do, you've got something new to replace it, right away.

That's why they'll also enroll you in their after-graduate support program, which can help you find job opportunities, industry connections, and advanced training.

Really though, they offer all the training you'll ever need, and probably more. In fact, the Dermysk Academy teaches just about every MedSpa technique you can name, including the ones you can't even legally perform in Canada without being a nurse or physician.

You probably won't be learning those techniques, unless you're already a nurse or doctor, but it is nice to know that they have the expertise to teach those procedures as well.

So what will you learn?

In the Basic Training, you'll get certified to complete up to a dozen popular MedSpa procedures, that you're probably already at least partially familiar with. The popular, and not too complex procedures, like IPL hair and tattoo removal, dermaplaning, skin pigmentation treatments, and fractional ablation.

You'll get hands-on experience with every technique during your practical instruction - and if you ever want to learn more, you can always enroll in an Advanced class.

There are two Advanced options you might want to consider - but think carefully before you get started.

This Advanced class covers complex procedures including Body Sculpting and stem cell treatments, and requires either 5 years of MedSpa experience, or previous graduation from the Basic Training. If you need to get a quick start, I suggest taking the Basic training, and then maybe this Advanced course later.

If you've got a little bit more time though, and you're sure that this is the right career for you, then check this out.

There's a lesser-known Master-level course they offer, which includes all of the training from the Basic and Advanced programs, as well as exclusive content you won't find anywhere else - but this course isn't for just anyone.

It's an intensive course that covers, well, everything - and they only allow certain highly dedicated students to enroll. If that sounds like you - then give them a call and chat about it.

It could be just the advantage you need to boost your new career, right from the beginning.

Before you make any decisions, be sure to check them out online, and see which course is right for you. All the details are at

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