Affordable Hearing Aids: Compare Rechargeable OTC NANO Vs. Costco Brands

Feb 28, 2024

Ever-evolving digital technology is making more and more advanced devices available to those with hearing loss. NANO Hearing Aids delivers on the tech without the high price tag.

Do you suffer from perceived mild to moderate hearing loss? Been shocked at the prices of devices from retailers like Costco?

Get a rechargeable, over-the-counter hearing aid from NANO! High-quality audio at a price you can afford – all without a prescription! More details at

Why pay over $1,500 when you could pick up a NANO advanced device for less than $300? Let's have a look at some of the features you'd get for your money.

Bye Bye To Batteries

The entire range is rechargeable so you'll save a fortune on batteries. The devices give you up to 12 hours of use on a single charge and, in the case of the CIC2 and CIC4, come with a special wireless charging case that makes it easy to top up your power while on the move.

Discrete Designs

NANO hearing aids are designed to offer you a discrete audiological support solution. The popular CIC2 model fits completely into your ear canal while its subtle light brown color helps it blend in seamlessly. No more feeling self-conscious about wearing a hearing device! All models come with a 12-month warranty and a 45-day return policy as standard and the products can be shipped anywhere in the US.

Secure Comfort

The CIC2 ships with a variety of ear tips and domes to ensure a comfortable and secure fit no matter what size your ears are. A push button on the device lets you make easy adjustments to audio levels as and when you need it. All products in the NANO range are FDA Class One-registered.

Save Over $1,000 On Costco Brands

If you're looking for an around-the-ear style of hearing aid, you are advised to take advantage of the advanced features of the NANO X2 Recharge and the NANO Sigma Plus. With four program modes, noise reduction, powerful amplification, and dual microphones, these devices offer you high-quality audio and customizable settings. The equivalent models available from Costco stores – from brands like Phillips, Rexton, and Jabra – are retailing for around $1,500. The Nano X2 is available for $497 while the Sigma Plus costs $597.

A spokesperson says, “Nano Hearing Aids has helped over half a million people with their hearing loss. We’re passionate about enriching lives with our quality hearing aids at an affordable price.”

Don't waste your dough at Costco, get a hearing aid from NANO!

For more info, and to browse the range in full, visit

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