Affordable Florida State Registration For LLCs: Get Fast Turnaround On Approvals

Feb 20, 2024

Got a great business idea? Don’t know how to register your new venture? Have you thought about LLC status and the perks of pass-through taxation? Let BusinessRocket (310-424-5558) do the legwork so you can get on with making and marketing your ideas!

Want to form an LLC in Florida but not sure where to start? Need some expert help in getting your business off the ground?

Make launching your company easy by working with BusinessRocket! Enjoy fast LLC approvals and a suite of support services for startups. More details at

With a range of packages available, you can choose what level of support you receive for the registration process and secure state approval in as little as 24 hours.

Support At Every Stage

BusinessRocket has helped hundreds of companies take their ideas and products to the marketplace via its START, GET, GROW, MANAGE framework. Now it's your turn! Plug into a full suite of advisory and support solutions for every stage of your business journey, including annual compliance checks and renewals for your LLC registration.

Why Form An LLC?

LLCs are a type of hybrid business structure that combines the benefits of liability protection that are commonly enjoyed by corporations while retaining the pass-through tax advantages of sole proprietorship and partnerships. Profits are passed directly to you as the owner which prevents a kind of double taxation at both the company and individual levels. This makes the LLC status appealing to new business owners, BusinessRocket explains.

The Details

You must first choose your trading name and then submit your proposed moniker along with your contact details in writing to the Florida Secretary of State. BusinessRocket can do this on your behalf and also advise on names and terms to include and avoid. By law, the letters LLC must appear as part of your trading name while terms like doctor or lawyer will require additional documentation and licenses.

Agent Assistance

BusinessRocket also offers you registered agent services: you must appoint an individual or legal firm to receive official correspondence on behalf of your business. Agents must be over 18 and resident in the state of Florida. You get this service for free from BusinessRocket for the first year.


The team also takes care of filing articles of organization with state authorities, and you're only liable for the state registration fee of $155. The cost is the same whether you're registering a Florida LLC or an out-of-state entity wishing to do business in the region. BusinessRocket draws up all of the necessary documentation and files this on your behalf.

A spokesperson says, “Unlock peace of mind with our free compliance solution, effortlessly meeting regulatory requirements. Stay compliant without the burden of extra costs or complexities.”

Is your startup ready for liftoff? Launch your LLC in style with BusinessRocket!

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