Affiliate Link Managing & Spam Filter Bypass Strategy: 2024 WP Smart Links App

May 31, 2024

Imagine this: You never lose an affiliate sale again, because your links just work the way they’re supposed to. WP Smart Links can do that, and that’s only the beginning – it also gives you short, domain-based URLs, pixel tracking, and much more.

Have you ever been minding your own business, building your website, trying to help customers access the best possible products, at the best possible prices - when you suddenly get blocked by a spam filter, or ban-hammered from a social media site?

You're not alone - it's happening more and more to affiliate marketers, and it's really cramping my style... or it used to. Then, I found something a little different, WP Smart Links. Check it out at

Smarter Links, Made Easy

Research shows that approximately one-third of adults shop online as often as once a week, and e-commerce sales continue to grow, so why is it getting so hard to keep track of your links, and get paid for all your conversions? WP Smart Links can help you to manage all of your links in a single place, with more accuracy, higher conversions, better tracking, and more.

That's a tall order, I know - so relax for a minute, and let me explain how they do it.

WP Smart Links uses several innovative new techniques to help you track your conversions, whether they begin on a website, a marketing email, or a social media page. However, unlike traditional “cloaker” options, WP Smart Links also allows you to use your own domains and short links, which provide additional customer confidence.

That's a huge improvement all on its own - now you don't need Tiny URLs, because everything can come from your own, much more trustworthy website.

WP Smart Links makes each sales link look unique, safe, and obvious, with a short and descriptive URL. Of course you've still got options, but with this new technique, it's easy to create short links from your own domain, with no confusing jumbles of random numbers and letters.

Beyond The Link

Changing the appearance of your links is a big deal, when they're a major aspect of your business - but that's only skimming the surface with WP Smart Links.

These short links also allow marketers to avoid being banned, blocked, or flagged by social media algorithms and spam filters. It's your one-stop-shop to marketing freedom, allowing you to access all your social networks, without fear of banning - and that means you've got a huge new market that most affiliates are blocked from.

It's easier than you think too - because they made everything manageable from a single dashboard. That means you can quickly manage, modify, add, or remove links whenever changes to the sales options are made or a new marketing plan is implemented. Everything is simple, intuitive, and designed to maximize your reach with minimal effort.

Tracking & Retargeting

What if you never lost a customer again - even if they weren't ready to buy right now?

WP Smart Links now includes tracking pixel technology, which can be implemented directly on a sales link. These pixels help you to learn more about your clients, their shopping habits, and the services they want most - so it's easier for you to provide them with the right products, at the right time and place.

Yes, I'm talking about retargeting ads, which can help you to capture a lost potential sale, just by putting a quick reminder in front of them at the right time and place. It's easy!

Don't take my word for it though, I'm obviously a big fan - so I checked out the customer reviews to see what other people think, and I wasn't disappointed.

One satisfied customer explained, “The guys behind WP Smart Links know how to make things work, probably because they’re in the trenches doing real marketing with the best of them. This plugin shows they know what marketers really need, links that work on all the big social media sites, even FB.”

Make your marketing as effective as it can be, no matter where it is. All you need is a few smart tools, and it's easy.

You can learn more about how it works, what your options are, and what other marketing experts think, at

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