Advisors Increase Technical Knowledge with New Certification Program

Oct 26, 2017

Southern California Institute’s Laureate Center for Wealth Advisors has announced its Certified Wealth Strategies Advisor program (CWSA) which is aimed at increasing technical knowledge for its members.

Southern California Institute’s Laureate Center for Wealth Advisors has announced its Certified Wealth Strategies Advisor program (CWSA) which is aimed at increasing technical knowledge for its members.

The Laureate Center for Wealth Advisors was built by advisors for advisors on one key premise. The advisors wish to break through the status quo of their current businesses.

Human nature is to proceed by further mastering one’s existing strengths, either by growing technically, or deepening a natural ability to build relationships. However, advisors know that to excel in an increasingly competitive marketplace they must master both.

SCI’s Laureate model offers a two-layered methodology for helping advisors thrive with ease. First, they are a Thought Leader Community in which all members both receive and contribute. Members find liberation in the power of “We”.

The second layer is a coaching platform to help members tangibly identify new opportunities that are meaningful to clients and revenue producing for their firm. SCI’s Laureate methodology stretches their member’s existing technical bandwidth, providing substantive education beyond their current core disciplines. Evaluating each client more broadly allows their members to see their opportunities uniquely.

At the heart of SCI’s model is helping people master collaboration itself as a craft. This isn’t collaboration as a turf-driven obligation or a desire for referrals. SCI defines collaboration as the art and science of how people work together to create better outcomes. It’s a process of celebrating different perspectives, disciplines and resources to thereby enhance value to clients and deepen engagements.

When asked about the program, Laureate co-owner David K. Cahoone said students can, "Achieve quiet confidence to work with wealthy families while practicing profitability, efficiently & with passion".

About the Certified Wealth Strategies Advisor Program

The CWSA is a 5-day certification program intended for successful professionals that are wondering “what’s next?” In a high-paced, interactive model, wealth advisors from all disciplines collaboratively learn:

   •Technical Knowledge in Wealth and Business Strategies;

   •Product and Strategy Marketing;

   •Practice Management Processes; and

   •The Difference and Intricacies between Wealth Strategies Advice and Engagement.

SCI’s Executive Director, Shelley Lightfoot, said “The CWSA program was developed in response to requests for a program that is a more attainable price-point, and highly focused on helping wealth planners increase technical knowledge for helping families and business owner clients who may need advanced strategies, but may not necessarily be considered ultra-high-net worth. Members will not only expand their knowledge in these areas, but also gain the ability to better identify opportunities and effectively communicate them in the areas of: family wealth transfers; income tax savings; owner benefits; business transitions and exit strategies; split interest charitable strategies; dedicated charitable strategies; asset protection; and insurance.”

About the Laureate in Wealth Strategies Program

The Laureate in Wealth Strategies Program has been educating advisors for over a decade. The core curriculum has remained intact, but the program evolves with new laws, planning techniques, and the ever-changing economic world.

When asked about how the program impacted his business, Student Rick Abbondanza said, "The Laureate Program has been without a doubt the program that has raised my “quiet confidence” level in working with high-net worth individuals and families. When the clients and their advisors see that confidence, they are more likely to act positively on our recommendations. Paying attention to the “3 Pillars” in my practice has raised the profitability of the practice, as well as the enjoyment of helping families meet their goals.."

The Program’s Core Curriculum will continue to teach students the core principles in learning to work in a collaborative environment with other advisors to Attract, Engage and Work with Affluent Clients.

For more information about SCI’s Laureate Center for Wealth Advisors and the Certified Wealth Strategies Advisor Program, check out SCI’s website here:

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