Advanced Healthcare Directive For End-Of-Life Choices Explained In New Book

Jun 18, 2024

Founder of Silver Mangos, an advocacy initiative for people nearing end-of-life, esteemed cardiologist Luis Pagán-Carlo, MD has published a new book about end-of-life planning and advanced healthcare directives.

While we all like to think that we and everyone we love will live forever, the truth is we are all mortal, and we will all reach the end of our life. Luis Pagán-Carlo, MD wants to make sure you are prepared for yours, and have thought about the care you wish to receive and the quality of life you wish to preserve in your final days, weeks, months, or years.

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Make The Right End-Of-Life Choices For You

Luis Pagán-Carlo, MD believes that you deserve dignity and affirmation at the end of your life, and the ability to make important choices that will dictate the care you receive before they pass on.

That’s why, with the release of the #1 Bestseller ‘Your Life’s Choice: The Supportive Guide and Workbook to Help Plan Your End-of-Life Choices With Your Family, Friends, and Health Care Provider’ , he hopes to share with you the information and tools you need to make an end-of-life plan.

Do You Have A Living Will & Do You Know What It Covers?

While according to Gallup, 45% of Americans have a living will, less than 29% have a living will that contains actual care wishes. Luis Pagán-Carlo, MD, believes this is a significant oversight, and it is something he hopes to remedy with the release of ‘Your Life’s Choice’.

This clearly written and comprehensive book is the accumulation of Pagán-Carlo’s vast experience as a leading cardiologist. In his lengthy career, the doctor has seen countless people admitted into hospitals for emergency care who have been completely unprepared for any irreversible changes to impact their mind and body.

If this is a subject you haven’t thought about or prepared for, he understands the subject can be confronting and difficult. However, he is committed to helping you get through it, and has written his new book to give you a toolkit that will ensure you receive the care and end-of-life treatment you hope for.

Why You Need An Advanced Healthcare Directive

In ‘Your Life’s Choice’, Dr. Pagán-Carlo explains the difference between a standard living will and an advanced healthcare directive, which includes explicit care wishes, palliative care wishes, and covers common directives, like the ‘do not resuscitate’ directive. 

In the book, Luis Pagán-Carlo, MD will show you how to develop an advanced directive that meets your healthcare needs and help you consider what quality of life looks like to you, as opposed to just longevity in an undesirable condition.

It will also help you to envision what your ideal end-of-life experience looks like, so that you do not find yourself unhappy, alone, and without dignity in the intensive care unit, which he calls in the book: “the worst possible place to die: a cold, sterile environment of beeping machines”.

Prepare For Your End-Of-Life To Protect Your Dignity

As a spokesperson for Luis Pagán-Carlo, MD said, “Don’t wait until the eleventh hour to make decisions that tell health care practitioners what your wishes are. Prepare for the inevitable and let Your Life’s Choice help you take charge in the conclusion of your story.” 

You can now purchase ‘Your Life’s Choice: The Supportive Guide and Workbook to Help Plan Your End-of-Life Choices With Your Family, Friends, and Health Care Provider’ from the Silver Mangos webpage or from

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