ADA Website Compliance Audits: Make Your Site More Inclusive & Accessible

Jun 27, 2024

Worried whether your business website is ADA-compliant? If it isn’t, you could face lawsuits, tarnish your brand, lose customers, and miss opportunities. ADA Website Compliance can relieve the stress with their comprehensive, cutting-edge website audits.

Did you know the number of federal lawsuits being filed against businesses and government organizations for alleged ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) non-compliance has been on the rise recently? The number of cases has been going up every year since 2017, when over 800 lawsuits were filed, and it looks like the trend is going to continue into the foreseeable future.

If you’re concerned your business could end up being on the receiving end of such a lawsuit, get in touch with the expert team at ADA Website Compliance at

Do Your Part to Make the Web More Accessible & Inclusive

Their website auditing services are designed to help small to medium-sized businesses proactively mitigate the legal risks of ADA non-compliance. From design and layout to functionality and content, the ADA Website Compliance team will work to ensure your website not only meets the minimum requirements but also provides users with an inclusive and accessible experience.

Work with the Best in the Industry

When you engage the team, you can rest assured you'll be receiving highest-quality services from seasoned professionals with years of experience in the ADA compliance industry and a thorough understanding of its legal requirements and best practices. They also work relentlessly to keep abreast of the industry’s constantly changing regulations and guidelines. ADA Website Compliance will ensure your site is consistently accessible and legally adherent with regular audits and assessments.

A Troubling Legal Trend

Companies in every industry and of every status, from start-ups to behemoths, have recently faced charges of ADA non-compliance. In April 2024, the Department of Justice tried to mitigate the fray by updating ADA Title II, which requires all state and municipal websites to meet current Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) standards between 2026 and 2027.

A Process that Leaves No Stone Unturned

ADA Website Compliance will help you meet such standards through a rigorous, comprehensive process. The first step is a detailed accessibility audit to identify areas of non-compliance on your site, covering its design, content, functionality, and user experience.

Next, the team will deliver a detailed report on the areas of concern revealed by the audit. Then, in the implementation phase, they'll work to correct those areas and conduct a final, comprehensive evaluation of your site. When that's done, you'll get a certification of ADA compliance.

About ADA Website Compliance

ADA Website Compliance is a division of US Media Agency, a digital marketing company based in Somerdale, NJ. Besides ADA website compliance audits, the agency can also offer you marketing strategies, brand development services, social media management, content marketing, SEO, and email marketing.

Here's how a representative describes the philosophy behind the agency's ADA compliance website auditing services:

“Choosing ADA Website Compliance means choosing a trusted partner who is passionate about accessibility and dedicated to helping you create an inclusive online presence. We believe that every individual deserves equal access to information and opportunities, and we are here to make that a reality for your website.”

Do the right thing and boost your reputation at the same time by enhancing your site's inclusivity and accessibility with an audit from ADA Website Compliance!

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