Accredited School Chaplain Training In Glen Rose For Social Responsibility

Nov 30, 2023

If you feel called to serve the young people and children in your community, the National School Chaplain Association (NSCA) (405-831-3299) is looking for new school chaplains in Glen Rose.

Almost all conservative Americans believe that public education is failing to raise moral, socially responsible and, above all, happy young people. If you want to be a part of the mission to increase educational values in Texas, now is your chance.

The NSCA is the world’s largest provider of school chaplains, including in the United States and the State of Texas, and they are pleased to now be specifically reaching out to people in Glen Rose and the surrounding towns of Somervell County, like yourself. If you are interested in studying and working with them as an accredited school chaplain, there has never been a better time. 

Go to to find out more.

At a time in which distrust of public education has led to a widespread homeschooling and unschooling movement in the United States and Texas, and an exodus of conservative families to private institutions, the National School Chaplain Association’s accredited chaplaincy training curriculum will teach you how to improve educational values in schools and how to encourage social responsibility. 

As many schools continue to suffer from threats to their safety, high rates of anxiety and depression, poor attendance, low academic outcomes, and more, the NSCA’s intensive and focused chaplain training program will provide you with an expansive skill-set that will allow you to offer professional, supportive and empowering spiritual guidance and moral teachings in schools. 

As a spokesperson for the association said, “The NSCA delivers a solid foundation of proven chaplaincy skills and strategies necessary to feel confident in your calling.” 

You can access more information on what you will learn at 

The National School Chaplain Association offers you a proven program and they are the State of Texas’ preferred provider for school chaplains. Their self-paced online course, which you can complete in just two months, is also run through the eminent Oral Roberts University, a top-ranked private Christian university in Oklahoma. 

Applicants from a diverse background are welcome to study with the NSCA, but it is recommended that you possess a 2-year degree or ministerial experience. 

The National School Chaplain Association spokesperson added, “Becoming a certified school chaplain opens doors for you to touch the lives of countless students and teachers, and to leave an indelible mark on their journeys and generations to come. Readied with a Biblical perspective, you will build community by inviting students into the fullness of life.” 

Aside from becoming a NSCA-accredited chaplain, there are many other ways that you can support and bolster the efforts of the organization and their work in improving educational values in the State of Texas. 

Visit to see how the National School Chaplain Association is making schools in America safe, moral, happy and hopeful places once again, and to find out how you can join them on their mission.

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