Access The Latest Research-Based Workplace Stress Management & Coping Strategies

Oct 31, 2022

Are you feeling the pressure to work longer hours? Having a hard time saying “no” for fear of getting ostracized? 29k gives you actionable stress management techniques backed by science.

Access The Latest Research-Based Workplace Stress Management & Coping Strategies

When you're feeling overwhelmed and depressed by the sheer amount of work that needs to get done, you need to step back and put yourself first.

Mental health app 29k shares with you the latest scientifically proven ways to reduce stress at work and at home.

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29k explains that stress comes from high expectations or demands and not enough resources to handle them. With healthy coping strategies, you will learn to set boundaries that will release the social or cultural pressure to overwork.

One of the most essential stress management techniques is to work smarter; not harder. By using this technique, you will increase your productivity without working for longer periods of time.

According to 29k, in order to work smarter, you must learn to prioritize and delegate. The most urgent tasks need to be completed first, and if there are too many to finish within the time given, you need to ask for the help of colleagues and managers.

Oftentimes, there is guilt associated with "burdening" others with tasks that were assigned to you. Break out of this guilt. Remember that your colleagues and managers are there to help you succeed!

Another technique that the app recommends is to communicate needs and set expectations. By learning to say "no" when the scope of the task is unreasonable for the deadline, you are not only taking care of your own mental and physical well-being, but you are also more likely to produce high-quality work.

It's hard to say "no". Many companies or organizations make their employees feel like they must cooperate all the time. However, saying "no" becomes easier the more you do it, so stop feeling guilty for putting yourself first!

29k provides evidence-based exercises that enable people to take charge of their mental health. They also have on-demand tools for people to do mental health check-ins, reflections, and guided meditations.

“Stress is necessary to motivate us and help us achieve things in life. It is when it gets too much for too long that it can be dangerous,” the article states. “Making time for recovery is key, and distinguishing between what’s within our control and what’s outside our control can help us handle the situation when things pile up.”

There's positive and negative stress. If you're dealing with the latter, make sure you check out 29k for the most effective coping techniques.

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