Access International Banks That Work With High-Risk Cryptocurrency Businesses

Sep 4, 2023

Want the best of both worlds? SAXE Global can connect you with international banks that work with businesses in the cryptocurrency industry!

The road to innovation can often be lonely. Don’t fret, however, as SAXE Global has access to crypto-friendly banks that embrace your bravery and foresight.

Through its service, cryptocurrency foreign exchange brokers like you can enjoy the convenience and security offered by physical banks. The company has an extensive network of cryptocurrency-friendly institutions in the UK, Switzerland, Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Sweden, and Puerto Rico.

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These partner banks offer a hybrid banking experience in that you have access to international cross-border transaction standards such as IBAN, SWIFT, SEPA, and TARGET 2. At the same time, they also offer you crypto-specific services such as integrated wallets, OTC desks, and crypto cards, among others.


Cryptocurrencies have grown rapidly in the past decade owing to their decentralized nature and financial inclusivity. Indeed, experts predict that this segment will grow from $9 billion in 2021 to $19 billion in 2028 — a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11%.

Given its relative novelty, however, crypto also carries higher-than-average risk, which is why most standard banks refuse to accept them. SAXE Global has curated trusted banks around the world that welcome innovators like you who leverage this fast-growing currency.


SAXE Global’s partner banks understand that flexibility is paramount in today’s business landscape. As such, these institutions offer multi-currency accounts so you can exchange your crypto holdings for various foreign notes, including dollars and euros. This allows you to easily complete cross-border transactions with parties that only accept fiat money.


Opening an account has also been simplified so you can focus more on running your business. A dedicated representative from SAXE Global will advise you on the bank that best suits your needs and will facilitate the application process. This means that you do not need to make a personal appearance when opening an account.

Mark Walsh, Head of Advisory, says: “Crypto has proven to be one of the biggest innovations in the financial space. We want to make sure that business owners who deal in it have access to equally innovative services. Our team is dedicated to making sure you have a reliable but flexible banking experience.”

You deserve a bank that truly understands your unique needs as a crypto entrepreneur. And SAXE Global has the expertise and network to make this a reality.

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