A Totally Legit Way To Remove ‘Not Recommended’ Reviews On Yelp Permanently

Is your Yelp score turning off diners? Instead of paying a bunch of people on Fiverr to give you a 5-star rating, why not unlock genuine good reviews the right way with Azkis VIP’s unique service?

The problem with tech companies getting too big is that they are now holding small businesses hostage. Take Yelp, for example. If you don’t have the budget to pay for a profile upgrade, then say goodbye to those heartfelt reviews left by diners who actually enjoyed your food and service because no one will see them.

So what can you do? You can, of course, pay strangers on the internet to write reviews for you, but the chances of these reviews being viewed by new customers are nil because of Yelp’s impenetrable spam protection. Or you can team up with other restaurants and take them to court, something that has already been tried years ago, with Yelp walking away unscathed.

If either of those sounds like too much work, then there’s a third option courtesy of marketing firm Azkis VIP, which has discovered a way to improve Yelp scores legally and with permanent results. You can read more about its unique service at https://www.akzisvip.com/yelp-review-boost

Unfiltering 5-star reviews

Azkis VIP’s proprietary Yelp Review Booster works by unlocking positive reviews that were hidden because of Yelp’s strict bot filtering system. The company accomplishes this by manually identifying positive reviews that were erroneously tagged as “not recommended” and appealing their status before Yelp.

The service was developed in response to the reputational impact caused by Yelp’s highly restrictive system to many small businesses listed on the platform. According to Azkis VIP, many restaurants are suffering from low scores because of how the review platform factors in positive reviews.

“There are many unscrupulous companies out there that sell 5-star reviews for businesses to artificially inflate their star rating,” Azkis VIP explained. “Yelp started filtering out 22% of all reviews that their algorithm determines is a 'fake review.' The problem is that many real reviews are getting caught in that filter.”

A fully managed solution

The service is fully managed, meaning that the task of assembling evidence will be handled by Azkis VIP’s team for you. And as a bonus, it also handles the removal of negative reviews, in particular, those left by bots deployed by competitors. Azkis VIP said that these damaging reviews can be removed by providing evidence that they were not given in good faith, thus violating Yelp’s policies.

The best part is that all this cyber sleuthing is being done for you, so you can focus on the more important task of keeping those orders coming.

You also don’t need to worry about paying for another subscription and stretching your tight budget further because Azkis VIP charges a one-time fee for its full suite of services.

The half-star difference

Is an extra star on your Yelp profile worth all this trouble? You bet.

In fact, according to a team of economists from UC Berkeley, even a "half-star" increase will result in an instant double-digit increase in your table occupancy rates. Now, imagine getting a 4.5 or even 5 stars after digging out all those positive reviews that were hidden from you and your customers!

Interested? If you’re still not convinced, sign up for a free, no-obligation Yelp profile analysis at https://www.akzisvip.com/yelp-review-boost

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