A Sight For Sport Eyes Says All Athletes Should Be Wearing Prescription Shades

Jun 26, 2023

Did you know that wearing sunglasses can help improve your sports performance? With prescription sunglasses from A Sight For Sport Eyes, you can protect your eyes while playing sports or enjoying outdoor activities.

If you are tired of squinting and straining your eyes during your favorite sports activity, A Sight For Sport Eyes can help.

The company offers a wide range of prescription sports sunglasses so you can have top-quality eye protection, better vision, and optimized sports performance.

Check out the range of options here: https://www.sporteyes.com/eyewear-by-sport.html

The company’s website showcases an array of prescription sunglasses, with many styles and lens technology options. The frames and lenses are categorized according to specific sports, such as cycling, running, climbing, golfing, hunting, and fishing.

According to a recent survey from The Vision Council, 46% of Americans only wear sunglasses when it is sunny outside, yet eyes are exposed to dangerous UV rays even on cloudy and partially cloudy days. As an athlete, your eye protection and health are crucial, as squinting, eye strain, and UV damage can negatively affect performance. With prescription sunglasses from A Sight for Sport Eyes, you can ensure your eyes are protected from UV rays and debris. Owner Shannen Knight says, “Many eye doctors refer their patients to us because they know they can trust we’ll deliver a quality product with our expertise in regard to lens and frame options that work best for your active lifestyle.”

The running category of frames and lenses has been designed to ensure stability and comfort, with non-slip nose pads and good ventilation to combat fogging. Climbers and hikers can select lenses that are darker than normal, with side shields to block extra light, while fishermen have access to polarized specialty lenses, suitable for deep or shallow water fishing.

Options for bikers and cyclists include frames that allow for proper ventilation, increased coverage through rimless designs, shatterproof lenses, high bending strength, and an aerodynamic structure.

Available lens materials include glass, Cr-39 plastic, polycarbonate, Trivex, and NXT. The company also offers a variety of lens technologies, including free form, bifocals and progressives, polarized, photochromic (light changing), and sports performance lenses.

A Sight for Sport Eyes has been providing prescription sunglasses for athletes since 1996. Shannen Knight is dedicated to educating the public regarding the growing risk of eye injuries and the permanence of vision damage.

Why wait any longer to start protecting your eyes?

Learn more about what prescription sunglasses can do for you at: https://www.sporteyes.com/men/sunglases-for-men.html

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